Backpack Flags

Backpack advertising products are a versatile marketing tool that allows your client to take their message to potential customers, no matter where they are. This mobile advertising product is available in five Bowflag shapes that give your client many options when customizing to fit their current or existing marketing campaigns. In addition to different shapes, different styles of backpack advertising are available from Tex Visions and can be combined with a Bowflag or promotional banner. Custom images, slogans and designs can also be printed onto the banner or flag using Tex Visions' state-of-the-art printing techniques that make your client’s promotional product crisp and colorful. Our attention to detail will ensure mobile advertising solutions that exceed expectations.

If your client would like to mingle while handing out marketing literature, our backpack advertising products are the perfect solutions. All models include a backpack, with adjustable shoulder and waist straps, and side pockets for literature or business cards. Customize your walking flag backpack to perfectly fit your marketing needs, whether promoting a beverage kiosk, marketing at a concert or grabbing potential customer’s attention at a tradeshow. 

Your client will not have to worry about durability, because each backpack advertising product has a high quality banner or flag printed on durable material for a long lasting return on their investment. The retractable poles on some models allow for different sizes of banners or flags to be used for different promotional campaigns. Another great benefit is that the fiberglass poles keep the banner taut regardless of wind conditions. All of these features make the Walking Billboard a great backpack advertising product that stands out in a crowd and is a great fit for any budget.