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Welcome to the Tex Visions Blog

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Popular Banner Finishes

Banners are a classic way to get an audience’s attention. With numerous material, finishing, layout, and format options, they are also a highly customizable form of advertising. Because of the various finishing options, however, it is important to consider exactly how and where your client will use their banner. This article from Sign & Digital Graphics presents a good overview of some of the most popular banner finishes. Here are some of the finishing options Tex Visions offers:

Simple Sides For a clean and simple look, your client can choose to have their banner finished with cut or hemmed sides. Other finishing options such as grommets may be added to this if desired, but they aren’t necessary for display.


Aluminum Profile

Pole Sleeve Your client’s banner can also be finished with pole sleeves, which are used to accommodate hanging components like a wooden dowel and polyester cord. This option is ideal for a hanging banner that can be moved or taken down quickly and easily with no tools required. Pole sleeves can be made to any desired size, depending on the hanging component chosen. The size of the sleeve is measured by the size it is when laid flat. Pole sleeves are usually hemmed, whether fabric or vinyl material is used. Vinyl can also be welded upon request.

Grommets Grommets are one of the most common finishing options for banners. They are versatile and provide your client with a wide range of mounting options. We offer grommets in brass and nickel. They come in one standard size and can be used with plastic disc reinforcements, depending on the fabric’s structure.

Aluminum Profiles For a more attractive look, choose one of our aluminum profiles. We offer a snap profile constructed of an aluminum spring loaded snap closure at the top and bottom of the print. Our keder profile is constructed of an aluminum frame that attaches to the print using the keder sewn into the print’s pole sleeves. The snap profile features a banner with cut sides so it lays flat and secures well in the profile. It can be hung with suctions cups or any other wall hanging component. The keder profile comes in three different diameters and uses hooks for hanging.

Outdoor Finishes Is your client using their banner outdoors? We offer finishing options specifically for outdoor settings. Your client can have the sides of their fabric banner backed with header tape for extra strength and use multiple grommets, D-rings, snap hooks, loops, or polyester cord for mounting. Although vinyl banners can be used outdoors, we recommend fabric because it allows wind to pass through, will not crack, and doesn’t need to be double-sided to see an image on both sides.


For more finishing options, check out our catalog or consult one of our sales representatives. What do you think is the most popular banner finish? Are there any we missed? We want to hear what you think.

Meet the Team: Tali Range, Accounting Manager

The ongoing series “Meet the Team,” where we profile the people who drive the success of Tex Visions, continues.


Today we meet Tali Range, Accounting Manager. Tali has been with the company for 4½ years. She serves as manager of the accounting department, which streamlines, monitors, and records all financial transactions and turns them into useful information for other departments. When she first started at Tex Visions, she was a clerk. From there she moved to Accounting Manager.


Tali feels there are two major factors to success. First, no one can succeed unless they are given the opportunity to do so. You need an employer and a team that are willing to give you a chance to demonstrate your abilities. Second, you have to be willing to take responsibility and work hard. All the opportunities in the world are useless if your aren’t willing and able to meet them.Tali Range

What’s your favorite Tex Visions product?

The Street Banner. More than any other display we offer, I see these used by communities and neighborhoods to showcase local projects or achievements. Helping individuals and small businesses identify with their neighbors and demonstrate pride in who they are is a powerful thing, and I love that we can be part of that.

What do you like to do when not at work?

Video games! I love a good RPG (Role Playing Game) or FPS (First Person Shooter), and can generally convince my husband that buying a new game is cheaper in the long run than going out to a dinner or a movie.

Are you a coffee or tea person?

Coffee, specifically mochaccino’s.

Would you rather cook or go to a great restaurant?

Cook. I live for those occasions when I can make a recipe better than the restaurant does – not that they happen very often.

Do you have or want a pet?

I have a cat, Ali, who is diligently working to help me understand my place in the universe as her personal servant ;)

SUV or convertible?

Jeep. Would that be both?

Mountains or Beach?

Mountains. A warm quilt, a campfire, and a brisk morning in the mountains.

If you could have lunch with anyone, who would you choose and what would you ask?

C.S. Lewis. He’s very astute (and brutally honest) about the heart and its motivations. I would love to get his thoughts on our culture – how we live and what we prioritize. Technology has changed us in so many ways, I can’t help but wonder how we would look to an outsider.

What’s the last book/movie that you read/watched?

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. It’s one of those rare movies you can watch and re-watch and enjoy it just as much.


Check back regularly to meet the rest of the team at Tex Visions as we explore the wonders of printing. Feel free to send us your questions so we can incorporate them into the next interview. What do you want to know?

Why Your Clients Prefer Fabric Graphics

In a previous blog post, we outlined some of the benefits of using fabric for custom graphics over other materials. Fabrics are lightweight for easy transport, aesthetically pleasing, and eco-friendly. It is easy to see why fabric graphics are growing in popularity.

Fabric Graphics


An article in Fabric Graphics Magazine argues that even clients who don’t understand all of these benefits will almost always choose fabric over substrates such as vinyl or paper. When given the option between a graphic on fabric and a graphic on vinyl, your client will probably not only like the fabric graphic better, but will also touch the fabric.


Why does this happen? People have a subconscious personal and emotional connection to fabric that they simply don’t have with other substrates. Because it used for everything from clothing to furniture, fabric plays a vital role in our lives. We associate fabric with warmth and comfort, so we are naturally drawn to it.


Most of Tex Visions’ products are constructed of polyester fabric. In addition to the benefits of fabric, polyester is highly resistant to mold and mildew and durable with the ability to last longer without tearing. A complete list of all fabrics and substrates we offer can be found in our catalog.


Next time your client is choosing a material for their graphic, point this out to them. By selecting fabric, your client’s customers will not only be drawn to their display on instinct, but they will have a subconscious personal connection to it before the message is even read.

New Trends Keep Banner Displays Fresh and Different

Banner stands are easily the most common type of point-of-purchase (POP) display. They can be found  everywhere from trade shows to department stores. However, as these displays grow in popularity, they lose some of their unique qualities and become more cookie-cutter designs.

Q-Frame® Tex


To stand out from the crowd, displays need to be innovative in addition to being versatile and effective. According to a Sign Media Canada article, banner stands and display systems are becoming more customized to prevent this issue. Here are just a couple of examples:


To promote its products in independent stores, Absolut used a stand-alone wall mural with two podiums with an area for showcasing a sample of the product. The simplicity of the wall mural allowed it to be produced in different sizes without changing the graphic. The podiums were also versatile enough for reuse in future product promotions.


Ralph Lauren used a combination of several POP displays to promote its signature fragrance, Polo. A large straight wall banner stand was placed in the center of the environment with two product showcases on either side and two banners hung from the ceiling above the showcases. This created a high-impact visual display to fit with the atmosphere of the store and draw in customers.


Tex Visions offers a number of highly customizable display systems like our Q-Frame® Tex to ensure your client’s display stands out. What do you think about this new trend? We want to know if your clients prefer more customized displays or tried-and-true banner stands.

Kicking off the New Year: What’s to come in 2013

Happy New Year! Tex Visions started 2013 off in style last Friday with our annual holiday party. Employees from all departments got together at the Carlisle Vault for a fun night of celebration. It was a great way for everyone to let their hair down as well as to jump-start what is sure to be an eventful year.


New Building


Tex Visions has a couple big projects coming up in 2013. The first is our new facility to accommodate our growing staff and customer-base. It has been coming along nicely since we broke ground in the fall. For some insight into what a new building will mean for Tex Visions staff and resellers alike, check out this blog post. This 60,000ft2 facility should be completed this summer. You can follow our building’s progress with us on our Facebook page.




The other big project Tex Visions has coming this year is a web store. This gives resellers the convenient option of ordering custom flag and banner products online. Additionally, our resellers will be able to login to their account to access a number of new features, including viewing bills and approving artwork.


I am excited to seeing what else 2013 will bring! What are you looking forward to this year?