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Custom Bowflag® Advertising Flags From Tex Visions

Looking for an effective advertising display to help your clients get customer attention? Look no further than the Bowflag® series of advertising flags from Tex Visions. We offer our Bowflag® pole sets in one of three product lines: Bowflag® Basic, Bowflag® Plus and Bowflag® Premium. To get started, click one of the shape options above to see what pole sets it's compatible with.

Bowflag® Basic

If you're looking for a simple yet effective way to help your clients display their brand and products, look no further than the Bowflag® Basic. The Basic pole set is made of aluminum and fiberglass, allowing it to withstand 30 mph winds. The Basic pole set works with five of our Bowflag® shape designs: the four flying shapes (Concave, Convex, Angled and Straight) and the Drop. Each of the flying shapes bows at the top, but has a different finish at the bottom to give your clients a product that is truly unique. Choosing the Drop gives your clients a fully-visible display that can be used for both indoor and outdoor promotions.

Bowflag® Plus

If your clients need a durable outdoor advertising flag, the Bowflag® Plus is the answer. Each Bowflag® Plus pole set is constructed out of aviation-grade fiberglass, meaning that it withstands wind speeds of up to 63 mph. Custom graphics are available as prints and your clients have six different shapes to choose from: Concave, Convex, Angled, Straight, Drop and Razor. Using the Bowflag® Plus pole set gives your clients increased durability for when they use double-sided prints or decide to set-up a long-term display.

Bowflag® Premium

Do your clients need a way to make sure they turn heads the next time they set up a display? Set them up with the Bowflag® Premium. The Premium pole set is made from aviation-grade fiberglass, meaning that it's perfectly suited for outdoor use. There are four different shapes that come custom to the Premium: Bowflag® Scoop, Bowflag® Shield, Bowflag® Arrow and Bowflag® Surfer -- each of which is designed to keep the print fully visible at all times, meaning that wind just enhances the look. All of your client's custom graphics can be made into prints, too.

Custom Bowflag® Advertising Flags From Tex Visions
Custom Bowflag® Advertising Flags From Tex Visions
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