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Custom Flex Banners for Excellent Marketing Campaigns by Tex Visions


Flex Banners for Promotional Advertising

Flex banners provide a bold and exciting promotional advertising solution for your clients. These advertising banners are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit any situation your client might encounter when advertising or promoting their products or services. Bowflag feather type flex banners are an eye catching marketing tool that can be customized with unique logos and slogans depending on the setting. 

Bowflag ® Basic, Plus and Premium Models are perfect flex banners

Flex banners from Bowflag are available in three models. The Bowflag Basic, Plus and Premium models are the perfect flex banners for any type of marketing campaign. The Bowflag Basic is a smaller and very versatile flex banner that is perfectly suited for a variety of creative marketing display solutions. Your clients can combine this flex banner with a custom logo or design and have a promotional tool they can use anywhere inside or out. This feather flag is available in heights from 3.6 feet up to 18.4 feet. In addition to the variety of sizes, the Bowflag Basic weighs less than two pounds and is constructed with fiberglass and aluminum flagpoles. These indoor and outdoor advertising flex banners combined with Tex Visions expertise create a cost effective advertising display solution and an excellent choice for your client's promotional campaigns.

The Bowflag Plus flex banner is stronger than the Bowflag Basic and is available in flag heights from 8.5 feet up to 17.7 feet. This feather type flag has a frame that is made out of aviation grade fiberglass flag poles and has been stress tested for wind gusts up to 63 mph. The sturdy construction, and use of high quality materials, make the Bowflag Plus one of the most reliable advertising banners available. In addition to the durability, the Bowflag Plus also comes in a variety of sizes and is customizable with your client's logo or design. If your client wants to promote their product or service in a windy outdoor environment, this flex type blade banner is a perfect fit. 

The Bowflag Premium model is the top of the line advertising flag. The frame of the Premium model Bowflag is made of an aviation grade fiberglass frame and available in scoop, shield, arrow, or surfer shapes. This advertising flag, like the Basic and Plus models, is available in 20 stock color options or can be customized with your client's logo or design.

Flex Banners from Tex Visions Are the Sensible Choice

An advantage of the flex banner flag display system is interchangeable flags. Flagpole and banner hardware is interchangeable between same sized models and shapes. If your client decides to start a different promotional advertising campaign, they can switch the flag but can reuse the flagpole hardware. This includes butterfly, feather, wind and blade banner type flags of the same size, if purchased from Tex Visions. The interchangeability of the different lines of Bowflag flags make these flex banners a cost effective advertising product. However,the Bowflag product line does not stop there. A miniature tabletop version, the Bowflag T, is available for use on sales counters or conference tables. Backpacks that have a Bowflag attached draw attention and offer hands free advertising at tradeshows and in traffic-free environments like malls. Even street banners are now available in this unique flex banner style and bring fresh air into the standard vinyl street banner advertising design.

Customization Made Easy with Our Comprehensive Graphic Design Services

If your client, or yourself, has difficulty creating a custom design or logo for a project, the professional design experts at Tex Visions would be happy to assist you during the advertising flag design process. To ensure your client is 100% satisfied with their advertising flag design, Tex Visions will provide you with a PDF proof for final approval. If you or your client has design capabilities, please use our artwork templates that we provide in a branded Tex Visions version and an unbranded reseller version.

Tex Visions Reseller Program: Prompt and Reliable Completion and Delivery

Tex Visions is committed to providing outstanding customer service to our resellers so that they can turn the clients from today into return customers tomorrow. You can trust that Tex Vision will take your order and complete the project as soon as possible while providing a high quality and visually stunning promotional flag that exceeds your client's expectations. For projects that use digital printing to create advertising flags or banners the turnaround time is approximately one week. If your client would like to use screen printing for their promotional banners the turnaround time to create their advertising banner is approximately three to four weeks. However, Tex Visions does offer rush service for promotional campaigns where time is of the essence. 

View our Complete Line of Flex Banners and Color Options

So, if your clients are searching for a customized flex banner for their business or you simply want to see the huge selection of advertising flags and promotional banners that Tex Visions has to offer you can start by viewing our full color online catalog or browse our informative website. Both the catalog and the website are available in a neutral version specifically for our reseller program. Contact Tex Visions today for satisfied clients tomorrow.

Flex Banner and Flexbow Flags