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Pop Up Backlit Straight 9.8' x 9.8'

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  • Make a statement with this 10'x10' backlit backdrop
  • Print is made from special backlit material and wraps around the edges
  • A diffuser panel is included with the display to prevent hot spots
  • Hook-and-loop fasteners used for a quick setup and teardown
  • Your order includes bags for print, frame, and lights

About Our Pop Up Backlit Straight 9.8' x 9.8'


  • Custom print
  • (2) Aluminum frame with hook fastener
  • Black polyester carrying case for frame
  • Silver diffuser panel
  • (16) LED tube light with hanger
  • (2) Black polyester carrying case for lights
  • Power & connector cables
  • Black polyester carrying case for print


  • Suntex FR: 300D polyester fabric that is water and scratch-proof (flame-retardant)

Layout & Finishing

  • Single-sided: Hemmed sides, all sides backed with loop fastener

Print Size

  • 11.8' x 9.8'

Display Size

  • 9.8' x 9.8' x 1.0'


  • 82.0lb

Part Number

  • HM_DS_041

Sketch of a Pop Up Backlit Straight 9.8ft x 9.8ft with dimensions


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