Table Covers

Looking for a practical way to advertise with no effort? Our high-quality table covers create usable advertising space for round and rectangular tables. They can show corporate colors or display custom graphics on the entire print, around the skirt, or on the front panel with the rectangular shape. Tex Visions offers stain-resistant table covers and runners, which are printed on a special fabric that allows your client to wipe away spills before they dry. These table covers are ideal for outdoor events at microbreweries or wine bars. In addition to rectangular table covers, we offer bistro tables, which come in two diameters and double as an umbrella stand. We also carry stock color tablecloths and folding tables for a complete setup. If your client wants something a bit more, then our tabletop display walls are sure to give them the ability to make the impact they desire.

We have two different coverage options available, depending on your client's needs. Our economy coverage option covers the front and sides of the table cover to leave the back open (perfect for storage), while the full coverage option covers everything – front, back and both sides.

Full coverage is great if your clients are in a location where the table cover is going to be viewed from 360°, such as school functions or weddings. On the other hand, the economy coverage option allows them to store things underneath the table itself so that they have easy access when it comes time to go to the trade show.

Can't find the size your client needs? Select custom size when ordering to find the perfect fit for their next event. Rectangular tablecloths come in three standard sizes, while round tablecloths come in a variety of sizes. Both come in various finishes that you can configure during the checkout process. Select a category above to get started.