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Custom Tablecloths

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  • Professionally-made tablecloths to highlight your brand at your next event
  • Choose from 3 unique tablecloth styles: Standard, Fitted, and Stretch
  • Available in 3 standard sizes to fit 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft tables
  • Made from your choice of 3 premium, polyester fabrics
  • Select from a 4-sided coverage or a 3-sided coverage with an open back
  • Machine-washsable and reusable
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About Our Custom Tablecloths

Spread brand awareness at your next event using a customized tablecloth. Adding a custom printed tablecloth with a unique design that showcases your brand to your trade show booth, product display, or building entrance grabs the attention of potential customers. These tablecloths can either be completely personalized with your graphics or area imprinted to include your business logo in specified areas. You can also choose between several sizes, styles, coverage options, and materials to create the table cover best suited for you. Not only do these tablecloths have striking, full color designs to catch the eye of passersby, but they’re also crafted to last a long time. Our covers are made from durable polyester materials that can withstand multiple and extended use. The print will also last due to our state-of-the-art dye sublimation printing technique, which ingrains the ink into the fabric to prevent the print from scratching or peeling off the material. Promote the logo or branding of your business or organization at an event with these high-quality, vividly printed branded tablecloths.


  • Custom print

Print Size

  • 4' Table: 48.0" x 29.0" x 24.0"
  • 6' Table: 72.0" x 29.0" x 30.0"
  • 8' Table: 96.0" x 29.0" x 30.0"
  • Custom sizes available upon request

Coverage Options

  • 4-Sided
  • 3-Sided


  • Display Polyester: Nearly opaque knitted fabric, 6.10oz/yd² (flame-retardant)
  • 300D Polyester: Water-resistant & scratch-proof fabric, 6.00oz/yd² (flame-retardant)
  • Stretch Display Polyester: Stretchy fabric that is stain and wrinkle-resistant, 5.30oz/yd² (flame-retardant)

Layout & Finishing

  • Single-reverse: Hemmed sides

Care & Cleaning

  • Wash product on gentle cycle with cold water using mild, color-safe washing detergent and a color catcher. After, allow product to air dry to avoid shrinking.

Designing Your Custom Tablecloths Online

We have three design methods for you to customize the artwork template for your tablecloth order. We accommodate all levels of design expertise and cater to all preferences. Each method receives a free proof via email for your approval before we produce your order.

Online Design Tool: Personalize your logo tablecloth in real time using our online design suite. This design tool allows you to upload any artwork or logo files you wanted included and further customize your design using colors, text boxes, clipart, and more.

Upload Artwork Template: For those who prefer working in their own design software, we have the option of downloading our artwork template. Click on the template link to download it onto your computer. When you are finished customizing your design, upload the file back on our site.

Free Design Services: If you need help with your design, one of our professional graphic designers can create your artwork for free. Choose this option and fill out the form with any files or instructions you have for your design and we will take it from there. This method allows you to correspond with our design team until you are satisfied with the final design.

Premium Table Covers For Trade Shows and Events

Design Online in Minutes Design Online in Minutes

Create your design in minutes using one of our three design methods: Design Online, Upload Artwork Template, or Free Design Service. Each design method includes a free proof.

Dye Sublimation Printing Dye Sublimation Printing

We print using dye sublimation, a state-of-the-art printing technique that produces bright, full-color graphics that are scratch and fade-resistant.

Wrinkle & Flame-Resistant Fabric Wrinkle & Flame-Resistant Fabric

Our table covers are made from wrinkle-resistant and flame-retardant polyester material. We also offer stain-resistant material options, as well.

Reusable and Easy to Clean Reusable and Easy to Clean

Our custom table covers are machine washable, making it easy to keep them in pristine condition for your next event or show.

Multiple Coverage Styles Multiple Coverage Styles

Our tablecloths are offered with 3-sided and 4-sided coverage. Each coverage style can be beneficial for different applications.

Custom table cover

Choose from 3 Different Tablecloth Styles

Our custom tablecloths come in three different styles to suit all preferences and events. The standard version is the more classic look of the three, while the fitted and stretch covers are better options if your custom design has a lot of text as it will be easier to read. All styles come in a rectangular shape to accommodate event tables.




standard custom tablecloth

fitted tablecloth style

stretch custom tablecloths

The standard option is the classic drape that fits over your table like a regular, store-bought tablecloth.

Our fitted option molds more to the shape of the table, showcasing your custom design in a cleaner, more professional look.

The stretch option, on the other hand, clings to the shape of the table to fully show off your custom design.

Custom Tablecloths for 4, 6, and 8ft Tables

No matter which style you choose, they all come in sizes designed to fit 4ft, 6ft, or 8ft tables. Our printed tablecloths were created to fit our rectangular tables, including all its sizes. It doesn’t matter if you have very little space where only a 4ft table can fit or a larger booth size for an 8ft table display, we have table covers to match. If you have other 4ft, 6ft, or 8ft trade show tables that aren’t from our site, these tablecloths should still fit them. To be sure, check our print dimensions to ensure your cover will perfectly fit your table. All sizes have the option for a completely customizable table cover or an area imprint version.

Looking for a custom size? No problem! Please contact our customer service team by phone at 877-503-5247 or by email at

Standard table cover finished with hemmed sides is available in three sizes.

Coverage Options: Closed or Open Back

custom tablecloths with 4 sides
three-sided trade show table cover

For the standard and fitted tablecloths, there’s either a full 4-sided option or a 3-sided option with an open back. The 4-sided version is a great choice if all four sides of your tablecloth with logo will be exposed, ensuring your branded design gets more visibility. If, on the other hand, you have people sitting behind your table at an event, the 3-sided option is a great choice. That’s because it gives your employees leg room and space to store literature, product samples, giveaways, and more underneath.

All Over Print vs. Area Imprint

All tablecloth options come with either a full print design or an area imprint design. What is the difference between the two? The full print version completely covers the table cover with your design while the area imprint option has your logo or design in a specified areas of the material.

All Over Print

all over print

The all over print design is the best option for graphics that are more intricate
and will cover the entire tablecloth. 

Area Imprint

area imprint

The area imprint option allows you to choose your background color from a
wide selection so you can coordinate the table cover color with your logo.

Material Options

While our stretch table covers only come in our stretch material, so it contours to the shape of the table, our standard and fitted tablecloths have three material options:

  1. Our display polyester is the standard material for event tablecloths. This fabric is nearly opaque and flame-retardant, making it great for inside display and exhibition. The other two materials are better suited for indoor and outdoor use.
  2. Our 300D polyester has a canvas-like feel, which is the same fabric we use for our pop up tents. The heavy-duty fabric also water-resistant and scratch-proof to hold up in all kinds of elements.
  3. The stretch display polyester is stain-resistant, like the 300D polyester, but is made with a stretch to accommodate a wider range of table styles and sizes.

All three polyester materials are easy to print on, resulting in eye-popping graphics.


Available Accessories

Carry Bag

Get accessories to go with your custom tablecloths by adding a carrying case and clips to your order. The carrying case is padded to offer secure storage for your covers. Having a carrying case for your tablecloth ensures that it lasts longer, because it will be protected during travel and storage. If you plan on bringing your tablecloth to several events or need a place to keep it when not in use, a carrying case is a perfect accessory to have.

Tablecloth Clips

The table cover clips are also great accessories for your table cover because they secure the tablecloth to a table. Adding clips to your covers keeps the tablecloth from flying off the table in unpredictable weather. This add-on is necessary if you plan on using your tablecloth in outdoor events. Choose between a 4-pack of either clear or white clips to match your cover. The 4-pack allows a clip to fit on each side of the rectangular table cover for added security.

table cover clips

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the turnaround time?

Our turnaround time is 3 business days plus shipping time. For faster production and shipping rates, see what options are available for you in the Delivery Estimator at the top of the page or during checkout.

How do I add my design to the table cover?

Adding your custom design to the table cover is very easy. Choose one of our three design methods. You can either use our online design tool to customize the template, download the artwork template to use your own software program, or have one of our professional graphic designers personalize the template for free. We will always send you a free artwork proof to review and approve before we print your custom tablecloths.

How do I choose between the different styles?

Choosing between our standard, fitted, and stretch styles all depends on how you want the table cover to look. If you want a more classic style drape, the standard option works best. If you need a design that showcases the design more, our fitted style shows off the full design better. If you want a more seamless design that contours to the shape of the table, the stretch option will work best. All three styles come in the three sizes and have different coverage options for you to further personalize your table cover to be exactly as you need.

What material should I choose?

Our standard and fitted tablecloths come in three materials. If you are having trouble determining which material to choose, think about where you will be using your customized tablecloths. If your table cover is more for indoor use, our standard display polyester will work and cost less. The more heavy-duty, stain-resistant 300D polyester and stretch polyester are better suited for both indoor and outdoor display. If you want your material to have more of a stretch, go with the latter, but if you want a premium material more like our tents, then choose the 300D material.

How do you print on the tablecloths?

We print on all the materials using a state-of-the-art dye sublimation technique. This printing method ingrains the ink into the fabric rather than printing on top of the material, resulting in colors that will not scratch or peel off the tablecloth. This printing process also creates striking colors that will grab the attention of people walking by your trade show booth or product display. We use full CMYK color printing, which means your design can be as colorful and intricate as you want without it affecting the price. Our printing technique will give you a stunning branded tablecloth that will last a long time and effectively show off your design.

Can I clean my tablecloth?

Yes, but while our printed table cloths are durable, precautions need to be taken when washing them. We suggest washing your table cover on a gentle cycle and using a mild, color-safe detergent. Do not bleach your tablecloth. When you are finished washing the cover, hang it to dry. This will prevent the material from shrinking.

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