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Custom Mailer Boxes

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  • Perfect for e-commerce and subscription packaging
  • Features dust flaps and self-locking construction
  • Full-color UV print on the outside of the box (inside blank)
  • Choose from a white or kraft/brown carton color
  • Note that graphics may appear washed out on kraft material
  • Please contact customer service at 877-503-5247 for a custom size
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About Our Custom Mailer Boxes


  • Custom print

Layout & Finishing

  • Single-sided: Cut sides

Box Closing Style

  • Self-locking mailer box closing (no adhesive required)
  • Double wall tuck with front lock tabs for added security


  • White E-Flute Corrugated Cardboard: 2-sided white corrugated cardboard, Mullen test 200# (E-Flute thickness: 1.6mm, 1/16")
  • Kraft E-Flute Corrugated Cardboard: Brown (kraft) corrugated cardboard, Mullen test 200# (E-Flute thickness: 1.6mm, 1/16")

Shipping Information

  • Box ships flat and requires assembly

Please Note

  • Graphics will be less vibrant and may appear faded when printed on kraft material

What Are Mailer Boxes?

Mailer boxes are corrugated packaging boxes that are used by businesses to ship products to customers. They are a popular choice for e-commerce and subscription packaging and are the perfect strength for everyday product shipping. Mailer boxes utilize interlocking flaps for easy setup and a simple, tape-free assembly. Companies personalize their mailers with logos, artwork, and other marketing messages to help the customer create a personal relationship with their brand.

We offer our custom mailer boxes in White and Kraft color options so you can choose the best style for your design. The White option is best if you are designing with bright colors as the white background makes the colors appear brighter and more vibrant. The Kraft color option is best for designing with darker colors, or if your brand is positioning for a more natural appearance.

Benefits of Custom Mailer Boxes

Businesses from all industries utilize mailer boxes for their product shipping. They are becoming more and more popular as many traditional brick and mortar stores are transitioning to online sales and are looking to continue a branding connection with their customers. There are multiple benefits to using printed mailer boxes for your businesses’ product packaging.

Create a Brand Identity

Designing custom boxes and packaging for your business increases brand awareness and makes for an improved and more personal shopping experience for customers. In a time of increasing online shopping, printed mailers offer a unique way for businesses to stand apart from the competition. As opposed to traditional packaging, custom boxes offer more marketing space and allow for more creativity to be infused into the brand.

We make designing your custom mailer boxes easy. Choose from three easy design methods based on your design experience. Customer service is available on phone, chat, and email if you have any questions.

Custom Mailer Box Sizes

Improves the Customer Experience

As mentioned above, custom mailer boxes improve the shopping experience for the customer. When they receive a custom package from your business, they receive more than just a product, they receive an experience. Personalized boxes add value to the unboxing experience, making it more memorable and helping to create a lasting impression on the customer. With a strengthened relationship with your brand, customers are more likely to return as repeat customers and are more likely to recommend your brand to others.

Durable & Reliable Shipping Option

Compared to lightweight paperboard cartons and heavy duty shipping boxes, mailer boxes offer the perfect medium of durability and security for shipping small and medium sized items. Our printed mailer boxes are made with 1/16” cardboard padding and offer more protection for a rough and tumble shipping process than paperboard cartons and are not as rigid as heavy duty shipping boxes. You can rest easy knowing your products will be shipped safely and arrive in perfect condition using our custom mailer boxes.

What Is a Lamination Finish?

Add a glossy finish and extra protection to your artwork by laminating your mailer box. Laminating your box will make it sturdier and more durable. Choose the lamination option in the configurator to give your print extra protection and to add a glossy finish.

Design Your Boxes Today, Get Them Fast

At Tex Visions, we offer three simple methods to design your custom printed mailer boxes. Each submitted design is checked by our team of artists for any errors or issues. We will email your final proof for approval before sending the boxes to print. Each design method can be found by clicking the “Get Started” button above.

  1. Design Online

Create your custom mailer box artwork using our online design tool. It has the ability to upload artwork from your computer and comes loaded with clip art, shapes, colors, backgrounds, and editing ability to pull your final design together.

  1. Design On Your Computer

This is the best design method for customers with design software. It includes downloading the product design template, adding your artwork using the design software, and reuploading to our website.

  1. Free Design Service

Not interested in designing the mailer boxes yourself? No problem! Our team of graphic artists can create you a design from scratch – for free. Just send us some ideas and we will start designing the artwork of your dreams!

Custom Mailer Boxes Printed in Brilliant, Full Color

In the past decade, more and more customers are featuring their recent purchases on “unboxing” videos found on YouTube and other social networks. Unboxing videos record the process of unboxing the product and let viewers see the item being unwrapped and unboxed for the first time by a real person. This results in an untainted view of the product and the packaging it arrives in, showcasing the quality of the packaging at the end of shipping process.

Custom packaging can be a real asset to your brand but can also be a liability if the quality is poor. Our mailer boxes are printed by highly-skilled print technicians on highly durable 1/16” corrugated cardboard. Each box is printed using the CMYK printing method, ensuring a brilliant, full-color finish that is sure to be admired by the recipient.

Printed Mailer Boxes Available in Any Size You Need

We offer multiple size options so can you find the perfect box size for your shipping needs. Choosing the right box size is an important step when designing your custom mailer boxes. Box size plays a vital role in packaging your product safely and for calculating shipping costs. Prioritizing box sizes is an important step of the ordering process because size dramatically increases or decreases your shipping costs.

We offer no minimums for each of our box styles so you can design and order the sizes you are interested in before placing a large order. If you are looking for any custom sizing options, please contact our customer service department through chat or phone for more information.

Easy to Assemble Mailer Boxes

Setting up the mailing boxes is a quick and easy task. The boxes are shipped to you flat to reduce the shipping price and must be folded before use. Assembly only takes a few simple steps.

  1. Lay the custom mailer box completely flat
  2. Next, fold the two small tabs on each side toward each other
  3. Fold the flaps over the tabs on the left and right sides of the box to lock into place
  4. Fold the top part down over the lower part of the box
  5. Lock the box by inserting the two flaps into the bottom section of the box for a secure hold

Custom Mailer Box Assembly

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I see a proof of my custom design applied to the boxes?

Your custom mailer box proofs will be sent to your email before the design is approved for print. Each proof is checked by our pre-press team for any errors before sending you an email with your proof attached. The email will also state if your design had any issues that need corrected before printing.

What is the difference between White and Kraft corrugated cardboard?

The difference between the two is the color. The Kraft is a brown cardboard color that is best for printing dark colors and dark designs. It is also recommended for brands that are looking to give off more of a natural style. The White is the best option if you are designing using light colors, as the contrast helps the color appear more vibrant. Both options are crafted from the same 1/16” corrugated cardboard and are fully recyclable.

What is the turnaround time?

The typical production time for our printed mailer boxes is 3 business days. We do offer rush production options and rush shipping options if you need the boxes sooner than our standard production time.

Are you able to print on the inside of the custom mailer box?

No, we are not able to print on the whole interior of the box. We are however able to print on the interior side flaps for no extra cost.

Do you offer wholesale mailer boxes?

We offer an option to become a reseller with special pricing. If you would be interested in becoming a reseller, sign up in your account or contact our customer service department through chat or phone.

How much extra does it cost for multiple colors?

We print in full color so there is no extra charge for designing with multiple colors.

Do you offer any custom sizes?

Yes, if you are interested in custom sized mailer boxes, please contact our customer service department through chat, email, or phone for more information.

Are you able to print on the inside of the custom mailer box?

Yes, we are able to print the interior and exterior of your mailer box. Double-sided printing enhances the opening experience for the customer, which can increase brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.


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