Retractable Banners

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  • Economy, Standard, or Premium base options
  • Displays can be single or double-sided
  • Material options include standard vinyl or premium polyester
  • Banners are installed on base for easy set up
  • Upgrade to a premium carry bag to keep your banners secure during transport
  • Add on LED or halogen lights to your display

Retractable banner hardware only is available on this page.


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About our Retractable Banners

Showcase your brand with our retractable banners. These fully customizable banner displays will grab the attention of passersby with their vibrant, eye-catching graphics. We use all state-of-the-art printing methods, producing colorful and fade-resistant graphics. Tex Visions offer a variety of styles, materials, and sizes for our banner stands. Free carrying bag included with every order.

Easy To Set Up and Perfect for Travel

Assembling the retractable banners is simple and straightforward. No tools are required for assembly. Unpack the contents, connect the pole sections, insert the pole into the aluminum base, and pull the banner up to attach it to the top of the pole. Once you are finish dismaying, simply retract the roll up banner back into the base! A carry bag is included for easy travel.

How to Design Your Custom Retractable Banner

Choose from three design methods to customize your pull up banner. Each design method accommodates different levels of design experience and preferences:

  • Online Design Tool: Design your retractable banner using our online design suite. This tool has the option for uploading artwork and logo files onto the template and to further customize your graphics using such tools as text and clipart.
  • Upload Artwork Template: Create your graphics using your own design program by downloading the template onto your computer. To do this, click on the downloadable template link. When you are done personalizing your print, upload the file back onto the site.
  • Free Design Services: If you are having trouble coming up with a design or how to create your graphics, have one of our professional designers customize the artwork for you. Fill out a form telling us any specifications you have and files you want included.





  • Short-term use
  • Ideal for single promotions or one-time events
  • Changing graphics is not recommended
  • Durable hardware with fold-out stability feet
  • Easily connect 2 single bases to create a double-sided display
  • Graphic cannot be re-tensioned on this model
  • Most durable hardware can be used time after time
  • Professional looking stand with chrome end caps
  • Easiest model to change prints
  • Support pole is height adjustable from 62" - 82"


Print Size
Part Number

  • 24" x 79", H_DS00354, 6lbs
  • 31" x 79", H_DS00350, 6lbs
  • 39" x 79", H_DS00352, 6lbs
  • 24" x 80", H_DS00322, 3lbs
  • 31" x 80", H_DS00323, 4lbs
  • 39" x 80", H_DS00324, 5lbs
  • 47" x 80", H_DS00325, 6lbs
  • 24" x 79" or 108", H_DS00309, 10lbs
  • 31" x 79" or 108", H_DS00301, 12lbs
  • 39" x 79" or 108", H_DS00303, 15lbs
  • 47" x 79" or 108", H_DS00304, 18lbs
  • 59" x 79" or 108", H_DS00305, 21lbs


Print Size
Part Number

  • 31" x 79", H_DS00351, 11lbs
  • 39" x 79", H_DS00357, 12lbs
  • 59" x 79", H_DS00358, 19lbs
  • 24" x 80", HS_DS_254, 7lbs
  • 31" x 80", HS_DS_255, 8lbs
  • 39" x 80", HS_DS_256, 10lbs
  • 47" x 80", HS_DS_257, 12lbs
  • 31" x 79" or 108", H_DS00302, 14lbs
  • 31" x 79" (Interchangeable), H_DS00310, 16lbs
  • 39" x 79"or 108", H_DS00311, 18lbs
  • 47" x 79" or 108", H_DS00312, 22lbs
  • 59" x 79" or 108", H_DS00313, 26lbs


  • Aluminum base with fold-out aluminum feet
  • Clamping rail top, adhesive strip bottom
  • Aluminum support pole
  • Unpadded polyester carrying case
  • Aluminum base with fold-out black PVC foot
  • Clamping rail top, adhesive strip bottom
  • Aluminum support pole
  • Unpadded polyester carrying case
  • Aluminum base
  • (2) Clamping rails (Single-sided & Interchangeable models)
  • Clamping rail top, adhesive strip bottom (Double-sided model)
  • Height-adjustable aluminum support pole
  • Padded polyester carrying case


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the turnaround time?

Our standard turnaround time is 3 business days. We offer faster production and shipping options at checkout. Click the “Delivery Estimator” button at the top of the page to preview your production and shipping options.

How is the banner artwork printed?

We digitally the vinyl materials and dye sublimate the polyester materials. Both printing processes are industry-best and create vibrant, full-color graphics.

What are the material options of the display?

We have vinyl and polyester options available for our retractable displays. All materials are weather-tested and can withstand indoor and outdoor conditions.

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Retractable Roll Up Banner Stands Assembly Instructions

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