Giant Greeting Cards

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  • Create a lasting memory for someone with a giant greeting card
  • Great for anniversaries, saying thank you, and birthdays
  • Your design is digitally printed with UV-inks that are fade-resistant
  • Card made from tear-resistant waterproof 4mm corrugated plastic
  • Choose from 3 large sizes: 18” x 24”, 24” x 36”, and 36” x 48”
  • Order includes a giant-sized envelope for no extra charge

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About Our Giant Greeting Cards

Go the extra mile with someone’s birthday, graduation, anniversary, or other celebration by getting them giant cards. Rather than the usual paper-sized cards, these jumbo greeting cards are large enough to grab their attention and are completely customizable to add any message. These cards are designed to last longer than average cards and keep as a memento. This is because the material is made from corrugated plastic, which is weather-resistant and UV-protected for durability. The print is also recreated using UV-printing, which results in colors that won’t fade, scratch, or peel off the card. The durability allows them to be given or displayed indoors and outdoors. These giant cards also come in a giant envelope made from corrugated cardboard. Choose between three jumbo sizes, from 18in x 24in up to 36in x 48in. While all the sizes are large, the card and envelope are light enough, making them perfect for travel and storage. These cards make ideal decorations for an office, living room, or party and make great gifts to people of all ages.


  • Custom printed card
  • Envelope


  • Gaint card: 4mm Coroplast®: Lightweight corrugated plastic that is weather-resistant and UV-protected
  • Envelope: White E-Flute Corrugated Cardboard: 2-sided white corrugated cardboard, Mullen test 200# (E-Flute thickness: 1.6mm, 1/16")

Layout & Finishing

  • Giant card - double-sided: Cut sides, with vertical score in the center
  • Envelope - single-sided: Cut sides, creased, folded, and glued


  • 18.0" x 24.0"
  • 24.0" x 36.0"
  • 36.0" x 48.0"


  • Small: 1.75lbs
  • Medium: 3.50lbs
  • Large: 6.50lbs

Designing Your Giant Greeting Cards

Customize your huge cards by selecting one of our three design methods. We have three methods to accommodate all kinds of design expertise and preferences so you can personalize the perfect custom card:

Online Design Tool: Create the graphics for your card without leaving the site using our online design suite. The tool allows you to upload artwork and image files onto the template and further customize your design by adding text boxes, clip art, background colors, and more.

Upload Artwork Template: If you are experienced in graphic design and have a software program you prefer working in, download the clickable template link onto your computer. Once you are done crafting your big greeting cards design, upload the finished template back onto our site for us to print.

Free Design Services: If you don’t have any experience in custom design or don’t know what to add to your card, have one of our professional graphic designers personalize your template for free. Let us know what you want, and we will take it from there. You will receive a free proof to look over before we print anything.

The Best Giant Cards for Any Holiday or Event

Custom Giant Card

Vibrant Graphics High-Quality Graphics
We digitally print your custom artwork with UV-resistant inks for bold, full-color graphics that won’t fade or peel, even when displayed outdoors.

Pick Your Size Multiple Size Options
We offer multiple standard sizes to choose from ranging from our large 18” x 24” up to our extra-large 36” x 48”.

Fully Customized

Completely Customizable
You can add your custom artwork and messages anywhere on the card, inside and out! Create your design with as many colors as you would like, for no extra charge!

Corrugated Plastic Construction

Corrugated Plastic Material
We craft our jumbo cards from 4mm corrugated plastic. This durable material is lightweight, tear-resistant, and waterproof.

Large Envelope

Envelope Included With Card
Each card order includes a size-matched envelope for no extra charge. The envelope is creased and folded over to have the classic envelope appearance.


Available in 3 Sizes

Our large greet cards come in three sizes to suit all kinds of settings and uses. View the table below to see what sizes we offer and their benefits, so you know which one works best for you:

small size

18in x 24in

This is about as big as a yard sign, except it’s in portrait format rather than landscape. While these cards are still big, they are easier to travel and store compared to the other sizes due to being more compact. These small sizes make great gifts for people on birthdays and holidays.

medium size

24in x 36in

This is roughly the size of a small window. Choosing the medium size makes it simple to travel with and place in storage, but it also makes it more noticeable and eye-popping compared to the smaller cards, making it great for displays and gifts.

large size

36in x 48in

This is around the same size as trifold displays. If you are using your oversized cards for a display or as a decoration, the largest size would have a better effect on guests and passersby. This extra-large size is also great if you have a lot of words in your design, so that it will be easier to read.

Big Envelope Included for the Full Experience

Instead of just getting the big card, we offer the full greeting card experience by shipping every order inside a giant envelope. The envelope covers the card, keeping it safe from the elements before it’s opened and keeping your design a secret until the big reveal. The envelope is creased and folded to deliver an authentic look and unboxing experience. The envelope is made from durable, corrugated cardboard for extra protection. We guarantee the recipient of your giant card will have an exciting and memorable experience receiving this extra-special gift.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my custom giant cards?

Our standard production time is 3 days, then we ship your cards to your location. If you need your cards before the standard production and shipping times, we offer rush options. See what rates are available for you by using the Delivery Estimator above or during checkout.

What are these cards used for?

These gigantic greeting cards can be used for a variety of purposes. They can be customized touches to a store’s window display during a holiday sale or as a party decoration for at professional and personal events. They can also be gifts for someone special in your life with a personalized message and design to make it stand out from other cards and gifts. Large cards have uses in both professional and personal environments.

What material are the cards made from?

Our cards are made from corrugated plastic while the envelopes are made from corrugated cardboard. Our corrugated plastic is the same material we use for our yard signs. It’s weather-resistant and UV-protected for long term display and indoor and outdoor use. The material is also more resistant to bending compared to other, cheaper material used for cards, making it ideal for transportation and storage.

What kind of printing do you use?

Our cards are printed using a modern UV-printing method, which creates striking, bold colors that will catch people’s eye. This printing process also prevents the graphics from scratching, peeling, or fading off the material, even after long-term use. We use full CMYK color printing, which means you can make your card design as intricate, detailed, and colorful as you want without it affecting the overall price.

Can I get a design printed on the envelope too?

No, the envelope is not customizable. It is crafted to look like a giant envelope out of corrugated cardboard, but a design can’t be added, so if you want to include a name, make sure you do in the card design.

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