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Custom Vinyl Banners

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  • Advertise indoors or outdoors with a durable, eye-catching custom banner
  • Select from portrait and landscape sizes or enter a specified size
  • Offered in a variety of vinyl materials with different finishing options
  • Durable materials are UV-printed for fade resistance
  • Optional accessories allow banner to be displayed from ceiling
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Custom Vinyl Banners – Why Choose Tex Visions?

Custom vinyl banners are a great way to attract the attention of passing traffic and can be used for a wide variety of advertising applications. They are perfect for indoor events like tradeshows and church celebrations and for outdoor events like parades, street fairs, and community festivals among many others. Distinguish yourself from the competition with a digitally printed vinyl banner from Tex Visions.

The popularity of displaying advertising banners is undeniable, as they are featured everywhere from retail stores, to local markets, to grand opening events. Create long-lasting and attention-grabbing marketing campaigns for your brand and attract the attention of potential customers with custom vinyl banners.

Completely Customizable Vinyl Banners

In addition to being completely customizable with vibrant, full colors and graphics, Tex Visions offers an array of design and print options so you can create the perfect banner for your application. Regardless of your promotional campaign or marketing strategy, we can customize your print with unique graphics, logos, or slogans. Not only are the graphics customizable, but you can choose the best finish, design layout, format, material, size, and shape that best suits the needs of your marketing or promotional campaign.

Premium Quality Materials

All banners from Tex Visions are designed from sturdy and durable vinyl materials so they can be reused for multiple events – saving your company time and money. Our banners are produced on world-class printers using cutting edge technology showcasing your custom design in brilliant, UV-resistant, and non-reflective full-color graphics.

Choice of Material Options

Tex Visions offers multiple vinyl material options so you can find the best banner style for your marketing campaign. Each material option below is designed for specific applications including vinyl banners for indoor and outdoor use.

  • 12oz Mesh Vinyl: Perforated matte vinyl that is weather-resistant and UV-protected
  • 13oz Indoor Vinyl: Matte vinyl that is weather-resistant and UV-protected
  • 13oz Indoor Opaque Vinyl: 100% opaque satin vinyl that is weather-resistant and UV-protected
  • 18oz Opaque Vinyl: 100% opaque satin vinyl that is weather-resistant and UV-protected
  • 23oz Opaque Vinyl: 100% opaque heavy-duty satin vinyl that is weather-resistant and UV-protected

Experienced Customer Service

When you choose Tex Visions, you choose a top notch customer service team to work with. With over 15 years of experience designing, printing, and shipping custom vinyl banners to our loyal customer base, our customer service agents are fully knowledgeable and able to help with any questions of concerns you may have. Need a bulk order? Have a specific question? No problem! When you contact us, you reach a real person in our customer service department at our HQ in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Professional Quality Vinyl Banners

custom vinyl banner

Multiple Materials Multiple Materials
Select from multiple vinyl material options designed for indoor and outdoor display.

Double-Sided Banners Double-Sided Banners
Get your custom design printed on both sides of the banner so it can be seen from all directions.

High-Quality Graphics

High-Quality Graphics
We print your custom design with UV-resistant inks for bold, full-color graphics that won’t fade or peel, even when displayed outdoors.

Choose Your Finish

Choose Your Finish
Select from 8 popular finishing styles for no additional cost.


Each of our vinyl material options is designed for long term indoor and outdoor showcase.


Finishing Options

Each finishing option is available for no extra cost to you. To choose a specific finishing option, find it when configuring your banner. They are listed under “Select Your Finish”.

Hemmed Edges: This finishing style adds extra tear-resistance and durability to the sides and corners of the banners making them less susceptible to fraying and tearing. The hemming process involves welding and bonding the sides of the banners using a heat press which adds extra tensile strength and creates smooth edges that will hold strong even when displayed for an extended period of time.

Cut Edges: This edge style allows the finished vinyl banner to have a completely flat profile. The finish is exactly how it sounds – the sides of the banner are evenly cut without any finishing or hemming. Cut edges are typically used for calm weather or indoor applications where they can be easily hung without using a lot of tension, such as hanging up against an interior wall or draped from a table or ceiling.

Grommets: Grommets are installed on the perimeter of a banner to provide reinforced anchor points to attach a rope, string, nails or whatever hanging instrument you choose.  We offer grommets in two styles: in each corner of the banner or around the whole perimeter of the banner. Both grommeting styles offer extra security when hanging a banner but installing grommets around the whole perimeter offers a tighter and more secure installation.

Pole Pockets: Pole pockets are used when you would like to display the custom vinyl banner from a pole. We offer the option to install pole sleeves on the top and bottom or just the top of the banner. Each pole pocket is 2 inches around, making it the perfect size to fit a display pole. When pole pockets are used, the sides of the banner are cut. They are typically used for applications where the banner is hanging from a wall or for mobile applications like parades and protests.

Adhesive Tabs: Adhesive tabs are used for installing a vinyl banner up against a non-porous surface such as a window. Each corner of the banner is fitted with a heavy-duty suction cup and is available for banners up to 3’ x 2’. They are perfect for indoor retail displays such as a clothing outlet or a grand opening for new mall store. 

Double-Sided Vinyl Banners

For some applications you may need a banner to be printed on both sides. Double-sided printing is a great solution for busy display areas like street fairs, parades, and parties where foot traffic is coming from multiple directions, essentially making your vinyl banner into a 360 degree display. Because the banner is completely opaque, both sides can showcase the same design or a completely different design in full, vibrant color. Double-sided banner printing is available for on our 13oz Opaque, 18oz Opaque, and our 23oz Opaque vinyls.

Vinyl Banner Care and Storage

To keep your custom vinyl banners looking clean and new, wipe with warm water and a soft microfiber cloth after each use. Do not use any harsh chemicals as these may damage the finish on the banner. To store, make sure the banner is completely dry and then simply roll the banner up and store in a dry area at room temperature. If there are any wrinkles upon unraveling, they should disappear within a couple hours of hanging in the sun or warm weather.

Frequently Asked Questions

How thick are your banners?

We offer multiple vinyl banner size options including our 12oz mesh, 13oz indoor, 13oz indoor opaque, 18oz opaque, and 23oz opaque.

Can I choose between horizontal and vertical banners?

Yes. When configuring your product, you have the option to change your orientation between Landscape (horizontal) and Portrait (vertical).

Do you offer double-sided banners?

Yes, we do offer double-sided vinyl banner printing. It can be applied to only the opaque material options to ensure the custom designs do not shine through.

Does it cost extra to use multiple colors?

No! Use as many colors as you would like for no extra cost.

Do the banners have a glossy or matte finish?

Our custom vinyl banners have a matte finish so there will not be any glares or reflections in bright conditions.

How are the banners printed?

Our banners are digitally printed with UV-resistant inks for a vibrant, full-color, fade-resistant, scuff-resistant finish.

Can these banners be displayed in windy areas?

Yes. We offer multiple material options so you can choose the best one for your applications whether you need an indoor or banner. For very windy applications we recommend using our vinyl mesh.

Do you guys offer custom shapes or die cut vinyl banners?

Yes! Unlike our competitors we are able to offer die cut banners and custom shapes. For custom shapes please contact our customer service department. They will be happy to help.

What is the maximum banner size?

We can print our banners up to 20’ x 7.5’.

Will the custom vinyl banners fade in the sun?

No, because we print using UV-resistant inks, your banners have no issues displaying in the sun for an extended period of time.

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