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Feather Flags

Increase brand awareness for your business with custom feather flags from Tex Visions. Our flags showcase your custom design in full, vibrant colors on a premium outdoor polyester fabric. Our feather flags are available in numerous styles, shapes, and sizes with multiple pole-set options and base options so you can find the perfect flag for your application. Our high-quality feather banners are designed to get your business noticed! Choose a product below and start your online design.

Premium Quality • Design Online or Upload Artwork • 3-Day Turnaround • Free Shipping over $49 • Rush Options • No Hidden Fees

Custom Feather Flags: Why Choose Tex Visions?

Premium Quality: Tex Visions feather flags are designed with a premium outdoor flag fabric and superior pole sets compared to our competitors. Our outdoor flag fabric is lightweight, tear-resistant, and has excellent color reproduction, helping your flag stand apart from the competition. Each feather banner design has been wind tunnel tested for initial quality purposes and to ensure it will survive for an extended period of time outdoors.

Large Variety of Options: We offer 15+ custom shaped feather flags, 50+ stock message business flags, and 10+ stock color flags. Each flag is available in different heights, and with your choice of pole sets and base options. We also offer a large selection of useful accessories that include additional base options, carry bags, and weight bags.

Dye Sublimation Printing: Our flags are printed using the dye sublimation process. This superior printing method fuses the ink directly into the fabric creating a more vibrant, high definition, fade-resistant print compared to inferior printing methods used by some of our competitors. Every inch of our flags is 100% customizable.

Customer Service: With over 15 years designing, printing, and shipping custom feather flags to our loyal customer base, Tex Visions customer service team is experienced and thoroughly trained to answer any inquiries you may have. When you contact us, you reach a real person in our customer service center located at our headquarters in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

What Are Feather Banners?

Feather banners, or feather signs and flags, are an effective and popular outdoor advertising tool typically displaying messages related to a business, sale, or promotion. They are strategically placed in well-traveled outdoor areas to attract the attention of passing foot and car traffic. The flags are crafted from a weather-resistant flag material making them perfect for outdoor display. Flags are erected with a pole set – typically fiberglass or aluminum poles that are connected to a base or ground stake that keeps the display upright. If you are looking for a more traditional flag, we offer custom flags in multiple sizes and with a range of finishing options.

Choose the Best Pole Set for Your Application


Standard Pole Set Premium Pole Set

Standard Pole Set

‣ Designed for indoor use and light outdoor use
‣ Crafted from durable aluminum and fiberglass
‣ Withstands sustained winds up to 30mph
‣ Maximum height is 17.1’ for feather flag shapes
‣ Teardrop Flag height ranges from 3.6’ to 14.1’

Premium Pole Set

‣ Designed for extended outdoor use in all climates
‣ Crafted from super durable aviation-grade fiberglass
‣ Withstands winds up to 63mph for single-reverse
‣ Withstands winds up to 46mph for double-sided
‣ The maximum height is 17.7’ for all feather flag shapes
‣ Teardrop Flag height ranges from 8.4’ to 14.4’

Single-Reverse vs Double-Sided Feather Flags


Single-reverse flags are printed on one side and the ink is bled through to be visible from the rear side of the flag with the image in reverse.

  • Custom print is clearly visible on both sides of the flag
  • Rear side is not as vibrant compared to the printed side
  • Best suited for applications with quick moving or one way traffic
  • Superior wind rating: Standard - 30mph & Premium - 63mph
  • Single-reverse is our most popular print style 

Single-reverse feather flag


Double-sided feather flags are constructed from two different flag prints that are sewn together with fabric in between to block out any light.

  • Custom print is clear and easy to read on both sides of the flag
  • Full-color print equally as vibrant on both front and rear sides
  • Can display same design on both sides or completely different designs
  • Best suited for applications with slow moving traffic like a busy sidewalk
  • Double-sided has lower wind rating: Standard - 17mph & Premium - 46mph

Double-sided feather flag

Design Your Own Feather Flags Online – 3 Simple Methods

Online Design Tool: Our online tool makes it easy to create a professional design in real time without any software. The tool includes the ability to upload artwork and comes stocked with clip art, fonts, shapes, and much more. It also includes guidance prompts to keep your design within our print standards. Every design is double-checked by our professional artists before going to print.

Upload Artwork: This design method involves downloading the artwork template from the product page, adding your artwork using professional design software, and reuploading to our site. Every submission is checked by our team of artists before being sent to print.

Free Design Services: This design method is perfect for customers that want a professional to design their custom feather flag for them at no additional cost. Our design team will correspond with you until the design is exactly how you intended it to look before sending to print.

Feather Banner Setup & Assembly

  1. Assemble to poles: Attach the poles together by inserting the male end of the pole into the female end and snap together.
  2. Attach flag: Insert the thin end of the pole into the bottom of the pole sleeve and run it up to the top of the sleeve until you reach the pole pocket.
  3. Pole Pocket: Once you insert the pole into the flag’s pole sleeve, ensure the tip of the pole is properly inserted into the pole pocket at the very top of the flag sleeve.
  4. Add Base: Attach the pole to the feather flag base of your choice.
  5. Connect Loop: Make sure to connect the bungee loop at the bottom of the pole sleeve to the downward facing hook on the pole. This keeps the flag secured to the pole during windy weather.

Custom Feather Flag Care & Storage

Care: Our feather flags are designed for extended outdoor use, but we recommend moving them indoors during severe weather. If you display the flags during severe winds you risk damaging the flag and the flag poles.

Storage: To store your flag, make sure it is completely dry, then simply fold and store on a shelf in a dark, dry area like an indoor closet. Avoid storing near sharp objects to avoid any damage.

Cleaning: To spot clean, simply wipe with a moist cloth or spray gently with a hose. For a more thorough cleaning, machine wash in cold water on the delicate cycle. Air dry on the pole for best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Standard and Premium Pole Sets?

See this chart for all pole set specifications and hardware information. Download Branded PDF | Download Neutral PDF

What is the difference between feather banners, feather flags and feather signs?

All 3 of those terms describe the same flag and can be used interchangeably.

How do I decide between the polyester materials?

Think about where you will be placing your feather flags when deciding what kind of materials to choose. If your flag will be exposed to the standard indoor and outdoor elements, then the outdoor flag polyester is a good choice. This is also the ideal option for showing off single-reverse and double-sided graphics. If, however, you need a fabric that will stand up to harsher conditions, such as windy and sandy areas, then the mesh polyester is the better option. This material is durably designed to let the wind and sand particles pass through the fabric to avoid the feather flag and print from deteriorating.

Can I purchase just a pole set or just a flag?

Yes! Unlike other vendors, you can order just the pole set hardware or just the flag print if that is all you need.

How are the custom feather flags printed?

We print all of our custom flags using dye sublimation. This premium printing technique infuses the ink directly into the fabric creating a really bold, full color finish that is also fade-resistant.

Do your flags include the black seam that runs down the side of the flag?

Our feather banners do not have the unsightly black seam down the side. Your custom design covers 100% of the fabric.

Can you print two different designs on the front and back?

Yes, we can print two different designs on the front and back. For this, select our Double-Sided print style when configuring your product. To complete a double-sided feather flag, we print both designs separately and sew them together with a liner in between to block out any light.

Do your feather signs have a glossy or matte finish?

Our flags have a matte finish which is the best option for outdoor applications.

How long will the flags last?

Your custom feather flag should last for 2+ years if properly cared for and maintained. Make sure to take your flag down during severe weather as very strong winds can prematurely age the fabric and the pole set.

Will the wind blow my feather banner away?

It is possible for very strong winds to blow your flag over. We offer an array of bases to keep your flag upright in windy or poor weather conditions. We do recommend moving your flag indoors during severe weather to avoid any damage.

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