Custom Pole Banners

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  • Perfect for businesses, universities, or city streets
  • Select from different layout and shape options
  • Printed on either vinyl or polyester fabric
  • Single-reverse and double-sided layout options available
  • Order includes printed banner, poles, and mounting brackets
  • Options 3 and 4 don't have a bottom pole

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About Our Pole Banners

Promote your business on the street with these pole banners. These banners are completely customizable for you to market your business logo or event on street poles. Choose from several style options and shapes to find the banner that perfectly suits your needs. All options come in a wide variety of sizes to fit all kinds of locations and poles. Choose from vinyl or polyester materials that are designed for outdoor use. Get your design printed on both sides of the banner to showcase your artwork to people of all directions. We use a modern dye sublimation printing method for polyester that engrains the ink into the fibers of the fabric. and UV digital printing for vinyl that is fade-resistant in the sun. Our hardware includes everything you need to setup your banners on light poles. Grab the attention of potential customers driving or walking by with these well-made light pole banners.


  • Custom print
  • (2) Aviation-grade fiberglass poles cut to size
  • (2) Rust-resistant cast aluminum mounting brackets
  • (2) End caps
  • Eyelet bracket if needed
  • Steel bands


  • Outdoor Flag Polyester: Lightweight knitted fabric, excellent bleed-through and tear-resistance, 3.25oz/yd²
  • 300D Polyester: Water-resistant & scratch-proof fabric, 6.00oz/yd² (flame-retardant)
  • 18oz Opaque Vinyl: 100% opaque satin vinyl that is weather-resistant and UV-protected
  • 23oz Opaque Vinyl: 100% opaque heavy-duty satin vinyl that is weather-resistant and UV-protected

Layout & Finishing

  • Single-reverse: Hemmed sides, top and bottom with 2.0" flat laid pole sleeve sewn closed on outer side, 2 grommets on pole side
  • Double-print: Cut sides, top and bottom with welded 2.0" flat laid pole sleeve, 4 grommets to reinforce welds
  • Double-sided: Two prints sewn together with a material or vinyl 13oz blocking inner liner, pillow-case style hemmed sides, top and bottom finished with 2.0" flat laid pole sleeve sewn closed on outer side, 2 grommets on pole side

Street Banners are available in various configurations


ModelPart NumberSizes AvailableWeight
Option 1 HM_SB_110 (1.5ft wide)
HS_SB_110 (2ft wide)
HS_SB_111 (2.5ft wide)
HS_SB_112 (3ft wide)
1.5ft - 3ft wide
3ft - 10ft tall
Option 2 HM_SB_120 (1.5ft wide)
HS_SB_120 (2ft wide)
HS_SB_121 (2.5ft wide)
HS_SB_122 (3ft wide)
(2) 1.5ft - 3ft wide
(2) 3ft - 10ft tall
Option 3 HM_SB_130 (1.5ft wide)
HS_SB_130 (2ft wide)
HS_SB_131 (2.5ft wide)
HS_SB_132 (3ft wide)
1.5ft - 3ft wide
3ft - 10ft tall
Option 4 HM_SB_140 (1.5ft wide)
HS_SB_140 (2ft wide)
HS_SB_141 (2.5ft wide)
HS_SB_142 (3ft wide)
(2) 1.5ft - 3ft wide
(2) 3ft - 10ft tall


  • Wind tests demonstrated our Street Banners can withstand wind gusts up to 55-63mph (10bft). Maximum recommended and guaranteed size for the Street Banner Plus produced by us and used with our hardware is 24 sqft. Stainless Steel Bands are designed to be used on round poles only. User must read and observe assembly instructions that include more information and details.

How to Design Your Pole Banners Online

Personalize your street pole banners with one of our three user-friendly design processes that accommodate all levels of expertise. You will receive a free digital proof via email for your approval with each method.

Online Design Tool: Simply customize your artwork template without leaving the site using our online design suite. This tool has options for adding clipart, text boxes, colors, and more. You can also upload artwork and logo files onto the template without any hassle.

Upload Artwork Template: Craft your pole banner design using your own design software by downloading our artwork template. Click on the template link after you finish configuring your product. Once you are finishing designing your product, upload the finished template on our site.

Free Design Services: Have one of our professional graphic designers customize your artwork. Get exactly what you need by providing any specifications and artwork files you want included.

Banner Set Options

Choose from four banner set styles to get your ideal looking custom pole banner:

Option 1: This is the more traditionally styled banner set. The double-sided banner is finished with pole pockets on the top and bottom for installation. Banner rods are included with this set for inserting into the pockets for fast, simple assembly.

Option 2: This option is like Option 1, except there are two banners in the set. The dual-sided banners attach to both sides of the pole, making your design even more noticeable. Like with Option 1, pole pockets are finished on the top and bottom of the banners and banner rods are used for assembly.

Option 3: Our third option is for overhang banners. Pole pockets are finished only on the top of the banner while grommets are installed on the bottom. This allows your banner to move in the wind. Choose from either traditional rectangular or triangular shapes.

Option 4: Our final option is like Option 3, except the two banners are featured on each side of the pole. The top is finished with a pole pocket and banner rods while the bottom has grommets for simple installation. Get your banner in either triangular or rectangular shapes for an eye-catching promotion.


All light pole banner style options come in a wide range of sizes to fit in all kinds of settings. No matter what option you get, the banner sizes span from 1.5ft to 3ft wide and 3ft to 10ft tall. Our stock sizes go from 1.5’x3’ to 3’x8’. If you don’t see the size you want, we also have custom sizing available from 1.5’x18” to 3’x8’. When selecting the right size for you, think about how long you want the banner to be on the pole set and measure how much space you have.


Choose from four materials for your light post banners. All options are designed for long-term outdoor use, but have different functions:

18oz Opaque Vinyl: This is a very common material for banners and very affordable. The vinyl is durable enough to handle all kinds of weather due to its weather resistance and UV protection. This material is 100% opaque, making it ideal for showcasing a design in double-sided formats.

23oz Opaque Vinyl: Our other vinyl option is even more heavy-duty than our 18oz version. If you are planning on displaying your banner for a long time in all kinds of weather, this fabric is up to the task. Like our other vinyl material, this opaque option is weather-resistant and UV-protected.

Outdoor Flag Polyester: This is the same kind of material we use for our flags to ensure that they are durable. This polyester material was designed to handle the elements due to the tear-resistant knitted fabric. Flag polyester is very easy to print on, resulting in striking colors that will not fade or peel.

300D Polyester: Our final polyester option is the same kind of denier fabric we use for our custom tents. This material is also designed for all kinds of weather conditions due to the heavy-duty, canvas-like feel. Your print will be protected due to its weather resistance and scratch-proof functions.


Setting up your custom pole banners on poles is easy with the easy-to-use hardware that comes with your order:

  1. Place the top bracket where you want on the pole.
  2. Use a screwdriver or drill to connect and secure the bracket.
  3. Thread the mounting arm hardware onto the top bracket.
  4. Add the graphic and secure it with a zip-tie.
  5. Repeat in reverse for the second mounting bracket.
  6. Insert the mounting arm through the graphic.
  7. Connect the mounting bracket to the street pole.
  8. Attach the mounting arm to the mounting bracket.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the turnaround time?

Our standard turnaround time is 3 business days. If you need your post banner sooner, we have rush production and shipping times available. Go to our Delivery Estimator or view what rates are available for you when checking out.

How do I design my banner?

Customizing your pole banner signs is very easy due to our three easy-to-use design methods. Either personalize the artwork in real time without leaving the site using our online design tool, create your graphics with another software program by downloading the template, or have our graphic designers customize the banner for you for free. You will receive a proof to review and approve before we print your banners.

How wide is the pole pocket?

Our pole pockets are designed to fit our hardware. Our pockets are 2in wide, which means they accommodate poles with around 1.25in diameters.

How many brackets are needed to hang one banner?

It depends on which style you choose. Options 1 and 2 come with two brackets and poles for setting up each banner while 3 and 4 come with one bracket and pole per banner.

Will they be damaged in the weather?

Because we have durable materials and hardware, these pole flags should last in all kinds of weather conditions. Our polyester and vinyl materials hold up in the elements because of their weather-resistance functionality. The print is also recreated using a state-of-the-art dye sublimation or digital printing technique, which results in quality graphics that will not scratch or peel off from the elements.

How do I clean my banners?

All you need to do to clean your banners is wipe them with a soft cloth soaked in soap and water. Let your banners air dry. Be careful not to use harsh cleaners or scrubbers, because this could damage your print.

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