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Is your client bored with conventional displays? Our Advertising Innovations are the perfect solution! These unique displays show a custom print in an unexpected place, ensuring that your client will catch the eye of every passerby. There are six displays from which your client can choose, including Display Cubes, Display Cylinders, Advertising Chairs, Advertising Umbrellas, Backpack Advertising, and Pop Out Walking Billboard. Most of these displays are designed for practicality, with the ability to do more than just promote for your client. They are lightweight, highly portable and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Our Display Cube and Display Cylinder are versatile foam displays covered in printed fabric. They can be used to create an advertising wall, column, end table, seating or a free-standing display. Advertising chairs are available in four models and have a custom print wrapped around the wooden frame to create the backrest and/or seat. Advertising umbrellas have a custom print fixed to the frame to create the umbrella. Four sizes and three deck options available. Backpack advertising products use a backpack to hold a custom print for a hands-free mobile advertisement. They are available in three styles, including five Bowflag® shapes. Finally, the Pop Out Walking Billboard adds straps to our pop out display to create a mobile display that puts a twist on traditional sandwich boards.