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Spread awareness for your brand or business with high-quality custom boxes and packaging from Tex Visions. We offer a wide selection of professional box styles so you can find the best option for your specific shipping and product needs. All of our boxes are printed using the CMYK printing method for bright, full-color graphics that are sure to leave a positive impression on the customer. Choose a style below to start your custom design.

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Custom Boxes: Create a Strong Brand Identity

Whether you are showcasing your products in custom boxes at your store, or shipping them to customers, the main function of the boxes remains the same: create a strong brand identity. With personalized packaging, there is room to promote more than just the traditional logo or website name. The additional marketing space allows for more creative advertising including promotional taglines, custom images and artwork, as well as other marketing messages to help customers connect with your brand. When customers create a personal connection with your brand, they are more likely to return and more likely to recommend your company to others.

  1. Select Your Box Style

We offer an array of box styles so you can find the best option for your application. Choose from our Mailer, Carton, Bottle, and Shipping box styles.

  1. Choose Your Favorite Sizes

Create a custom box in whatever size your need. We offer multiple sizes for each product, and custom sizing is available if you contact customer service.

  1. Create Your Box Design

Tex Visions offers 3 easy design methods including our Online Box Design Tool, Artwork Uploader, and our Free Design Service.

 Several Box Styles to Choose From

  • Mailer: This style is best for subscription, e-commerce, and general product packaging. Crafted from durable corrugated cardboard, these mailing boxes are available in white and kraft colors.
  • Product Cartons: This slim box style is best for packaging a variety of smaller products like cosmetics, supplements, fashion accessories and more. Our Product Cartons are available in 8 sizes and with 3 box closing styles to choose from.
  • Bottle: As the name suggests, this tall box style is best for bottle packaging. The bottom is reinforced to hold bottles securely, making them perfect for wineries and for event gifting.
  • Shipping: This is our strongest and most heavy-duty box option. It is perfect for shipping fragile items as well as large or heavy items. Choose between white and kraft corrugated cardboard.

Reliable Custom Boxes with a Premium Finish

Full-Color Printing

Our boxes are completely customizable, featuring your custom graphics on either corrugated cardboard or paperboard, depending on which product you select. Each box is printed by a highly-skilled print technician using the CMYK printing method for a bright, full-color finish that is sure to be admired by the recipient.

Box Material Options:

Each box material option has been thoroughly tested for initial quality and to ensure a reliable and secure hold for your products inside.

  • 18pt Posterboard: Made from solid bleached sulphate (SBS) with a bright white finish inside and out, this style is coated on the outside for a high-quality, full-color finish.
  • White/Kraft B-Flute: This style is made from corrugated cardboard and has a thickness of 3.2mm or 1/8”. It is available in white and kraft colors.
  • White/Kraft E-Flute: This box style is made from corrugated cardboard and has a thickness of 1.6mm or 1/16”. It is available in both white and kraft colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer custom box samples?

Instead of samples, we offer no minimum orders so you can design a box and we will ship it to you. We recommend completing this step first so you can get a feel for the size, print, and material before placing a large order.

How can I design my boxes?

We offer three easy design methods for all of our custom printed boxes. Each of these design methods can be found on the product pages. Each submitted design is checked by our prepress team for any possible errors or quality issues and a proof will be sent to your email for approval before being sent to print.

  1. Create Your Design Online: Our online design tool is perfect for creating high-level artwork in real time, online. Our tool offers the ability to upload designs and images from your computer, and comes loaded with clip art, backgrounds, colors, and editing ability to pull your final design together.
  2. Design on Downloaded Template: This option is best if you would like to create a design using professional software. Go to your selected product page, click the “Design/Upload” tab, and download the product design template. Add your artwork using design software, and reupload to our website.
  3. Free Product Design Service: If you would like us to create your custom design for you – no problem! Our team of graphic artists can create a design from the ground up – for no charge to you. Simply send your ideas or any artwork inspirations to our team and they will respond within 2 business days and work with you until the design is exactly what you had in mind.

Do you offer instant quotes?

Yes, after you configure your custom box with your material, size, and style, the price will automatically update with an instant quote.

Can I design my boxes using Adobe Illustrator?

Yes! As mentioned above, you can download a design template from a product page, add your artwork using design software, and reupload to our website. Our team will check it for any errors and email you a proof for you to approve before going to print.

Is the submitted artwork double-checked before printing?

Yes, our prepress design team checks all design submissions for any errors and emails you a proof before the product is approved for print.

Where can I view my proof before printing?

A proof will be sent to your email before your product goes to print. Each proof is checked by our team of graphic designers before being sent to you for approval. If your proof is denied, the email will state which issues need to be corrected before your design is approved to print.

What is the difference between white and kraft corrugated cardboard?

Although both styles are made from corrugated cardboard, they differ in color. The white corrugated cardboard is a white color while the kraft is a light cardboard color. If your custom design has a lot of bright colors, we recommend using the white option. If you are using darker colors, or are promoting a more natural theme, we recommend kraft.

What is your typical turnaround time?

Our typical production time is 3 business days. We have rush production options and rush shipping options if you need your boxes in a pinch.

How can I get wholesale prices for my custom boxes?

Tex Visions has an option to become a reseller. If you would like to become a reseller, contact customer service for more information.

Do you offer printing on the inside of the box?

We do not offer printing on the inside at this time. However, we do offer printing on the interior flaps of the box, offering you more customizable space.

Does it cost extra to use multiple colors?

No, it does not cost any extra to print with multiple colors. We offer full color printing.

Is custom sizing available?

Yes, however if you would like custom sizing, please reach out to our customer service department for more information.

How are these printed?

We offer custom box printing using the CMYK printing method.

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