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Does your client need a custom display system with a sleek profile? Displays with creative designs and vibrant colors present a positive image that attracts more attention for your client's marketing or promotional campaigns. Q-Frames from Tex Visions are light weight, aluminum-framed advertising products with silicone edge graphics that help your client stay ahead of the competition. These display systems are ideal for continuous advertising locations. Each frame style is sturdy and flexible, which allows for your client to quickly change the advertising print for different promotional or sales campaigns.

The Q-Frame® display system is perfect for any advertising venue, because there are several models of the Q-Frame® and each is available in several sizes and layouts, offering your client many, many options. This wide variety of choices ensures that your client gets the specific marketing tool they ordered. The frame system has interchangeable aluminum pieces that can be customized to fit any size banner. Your client simply attaches the aluminum profiles and inserts their promotional print into the grooves of the frame. The use of keder attachments creates a seamless appearance that showcases your client's graphic, slogan or logo.

Q-Frame® display systems can be used as a ceiling display or a wall mount display.