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Sales Tax Policy and Guidelines

You will be charged sales tax based on the state you are shipping to if we are required to collect sales tax on behalf of that state.

For tax exempt organizations, just send us your certificate for the delivery state.

Resellers will need to provide a resale certificate that is accepted by the delivery state. See state specific guidelines below.

Obtaining a certificate

To apply for a reseller's exemption you may submit your certificate to us. Upon approval we will update you account to be exempt from sales tax on the shipments to the applicable states.

Multiple certificates may be required if you are shipping to several states. 

We will accept the a completed Uniform Sales & Use Tax Resale Certificate. This form is a clear and easy way provide exemptions for multiple states at once. You can find this form here:

States we collext sales tax for:


California does not accept resale certificates from other states, but does accept the Uniform Sales & Use Tax Resale Certificate.

Customers must file directly with the state of California for a certificate. First they must file for a seller's permit if they don't already have one. Then they may file for a resale certificate.

Once we have your approved California resale certificate, we will update your account to be exempt from sales tax on all orders delivering to Califorina.

You can apply for California seller's permit and/or resale certificate here:


For tax exempt organizations you will need a valid state tax exemption number, then you may fill out and send us form REV-1715 located here:

For resellers, Pennsylvania will recognize other state's resale certificates, provided that the customer fills out form REV-1220 and provides it to the vendor along with their certificate. You may find that form here:

To apply for sales tax exemption directly with the state of Pennsylvania you can find form REV-72 here: