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Shopping for custom golf flags for your next tournament? Tex Visions offers high-quality golf flags in an array of sizes and styles so you can find the best flags for your course. Our flags are printed on premium outdoor flag fabric using dye sublimation for a brilliant, photo-quality, fade-resistant finish that is sure to turn heads. Tex Visions golf flags are designed to stand out! Choose a product below and start your online design.

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Custom Golf Flags from Tex Visions

High-Quality Fabric: Our custom golf flags are printed on our durable outdoor flag polyester. This premium knitted fabric is lightweight, tear-resistant, and has exceptional color reproduction – showcasing your custom design in vibrant, full color.

Dye-Sublimated Golf Flags: All of our flags are printed on high-quality fabric using the dye sublimation technique. This printing method embeds the ink directly into the polyester fibers, creating a photo-quality, high-definition finish that is far less prone to fading compared to inferior printing techniques used by competitors.

Golf Flag Options: We offer an assortment of flag styles and sizes. Included with each flag is a rotating golf pin tube that comes pre-installed for easy attachment to the pin. Our Custom Golf Flag is available in two sizes: Traditional 20“ x 14” & Mini 8” x 6”. Each golf flag can feature different custom designs for no extra cost. Our Numbered Flag Set is available in two colors: Red/White & White/Red with embroidered numbers. Our Stock Color Flags are available in two sizes with 18 vibrant color options.

Quality Customer Service: With over 15 years of experience designing, printing, and shipping custom golf flag orders to our loyal customers, Tex Visions customer service agents are seasoned and thoroughly trained to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Need a bulk order? No problem! When you contact our customer service department, you reach a real agent at our headquarters in Carlisle, PA.

Dye Sublimation Printing

Rotating Flag Pine Tube Rotating Pin Tube
Each golf flag comes with a rotating pin tube already installed for easy setup.

Choose your printing style Choose Your Printing Style
Choose between single or double-sided printing. See below for more information.

Dye sublimation flag printing

Full-Color Flag Printing
We print our flags using dye sublimation. This printing technique produces vibrant colors and a fade-resistant finish.

Durable Flag Material

High-Quality Material
Our flags are printed on lightweight outdoor flag polyester for tear-resistance and vibrant, full-color graphics.


Design Your Golf Flag Online: 3 Simple Methods

  1. Online Design Tool: Our online design tool makes it easy to create your custom golf flag artwork without any software. It comes loaded with features including the ability to upload artwork and designs from your computer, clip art, background colors, shapes, and much more. The design tool also includes guidance prompts to keep your design within our print parameters. Each design submission is double-checked by our professional team of graphic artists for any errors before being sent to print.
  2. Upload Artwork Template: This method is typically used by customers with design software. It involves downloading the design template, adding your artwork, and reuploading to our site. Every template submission is checked by our team of graphic artists before being sent to print.
  3. Free Design Service: Want our professional designers to create your custom golf flag design for you? No problem! Just send us any ideas or artwork you have, and we will create you a design from the ground up. We will correspond with you until the design is exactly what you had in mind – all free of charge.

Single-Reverse vs. Double-Sided Golf Flags

Single-Reverse: This style is dye-sublimated on one side and the ink is bled through to the opposite side, creating a reverse effect on the rear side of the flag. Single-reverse style flies the best and our best-selling printing style.

Double-Sided: This style involves printing two separate pieces of fabric with your custom designs, and then sewing them together with a light-blocking fabric in between to ensure no light shines through. The benefit of this printing style is the ability to display different designs on each side of the golf course flag.

Frequently Asked Questions

What material are your custom golf flags made from?

All of our golf flags are crafted from durable outdoor flag polyester. This fabric is lightweight, tear-resistant, and has exceptional color reproduction. We use this for all of our flag products.

How are they printed?

The custom golf flags are printed using dye sublimation. This cutting-edge printing technique produces vibrant, fade-resistant, photo-quality results. Use as many colors as needed for no extra cost to you.

How do these attach to the pin?

Each golf flag comes with a pre-installed hard plastic rotating golf pin tube for easy attachment to the flag pins.

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