Golf Flags

Is your client looking for custom golf flags for a sponsored tournament? Or stock flags with pre-printed numbers or solid colors? Well, look no further than Tex Visions' golf flags! We offer two standard sizes: 20" x 14" for traditional golf courses, and 8" x 6" for putting greens or mini golf.

Your client's design is sure to last because all of our flags are proudly printed in the USA and are made from tear-resistant polyester material. Our special dye-sublimation printing technology allows the design to bleed through to the other side for maximum visibility. As an added bonus, your client is able to design a different logo or graphic on each flag, and we won't charge additional setup fees!

We pride ourselves on durability, and don't stop short there. Each golf pin flag is sewn onto the tube so it won't fall off or fail while out on the golf course. Simply place the tube onto the golf stick, and the product is ready to go! Select a product to get started today!