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Banner Stands

Banner stands offer flexibility that comes with a portable display, while providing eye-catching, vibrant graphics that normally would be fixed to a wall or column. By taking the traditional banner off the wall, your client increases their chances of being seen. A banner stand can be placed outside a storefront to grab the attention of passersby, or can be set up in a hallway of a shopping center to create excitement as a shopper enters. Several options, such as the ability to display multiple prints, adjust to various heights, and collapse into a carrying case, make banner stands the smartest choice for advertising. 

Along with point of sales areas, such as restaurants or storefronts, banner stands are commonly seen at corporate events like conferences or in hotel lobbies. Drawing attention by strategically placing these banner stands can mean a sale for your client, which, in turn, means a reorder for you. If they are looking for a reliable advertising product that is easy to set up, quick to collapse and has been proven to work, a banner stand from Tex Visions is the ideal choice. Not only do we have several models to choose from, but we also have multiple materials available for printing. Depending on the look desired, a matte or gloss finish could take your client’s graphics to another level of impact.

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