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SEG Fabric Pop Up Displays

Promote a business at a trade show or other expo event with these eye-catching, high-quality SEG popup displays. These pop ups are the perfect addition to an indoor booth because they are simple to travel with and setup, saving a lot of time. They also come in a variety of sizes so that visitors walking past your booth will notice your custom printed graphics. These pop ups come in either straight or curved shapes with an option for backlit prints to further showcase your design. Come up with something creative to get your business noticed at your next event with these SEG pop ups.

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What Are Silicone Edge Graphics?

These pop up displays are like our other, popular pop up products, except they are made with silicone edge graphics (or SEGs). These graphics are a step above the rest because of how simple they are to put on the frame. The silicone lining is around the edge of the fabric, which allows you to slot the print onto the pop up hardware without the need for bungee cords or string to keep the banner connected. No tools or accessories are needed for setting up the graphics on the frame, making transportation, storage, and setup as simple as can be. Choose between getting your graphics on three kinds of polyester for the regular displays. The backlit displays only come in our 300D polyester. All material options are perfect for indoor display, whether short term or long term.

Designing Your SEG Pop Ups

For your pop ups to make the best impression at an event, they need to have striking graphics that will grab the attention of passersby. Customize your SEGs using one of the three design methods outlined below. Each method receives a pre-production proof for your approval before we print your order.

Online Design Tool: This option allows you to personalize your pop up template without leaving our site. The design suite includes tools that allow you to upload artwork and logo files and add clipart, text, colors, and more to the template.

Upload Artwork Template: We have a downloadable artwork template for those who prefer working in a software program. Just click on our template link and upload it onto your computer. When you are done, submit the finished template file back on our website.

Free Design Services: We understand that not everyone has design experience or may need assistance designing their display. If this is the case, have one of our professional designers customize your template free of charge. You will get an artwork proof to review before we print your order.

Easy to Assemble SEG Popup Displays

One of the great features of these SEG pop ups is that they are easy to assemble and teardown. This is because no tools are required to setup the display. All you need are your prints and frame. The hardware expands out to its full size and locks into place. Our pop up frames come in a wide range of sizes, so more than one person might be needed to fully extend the hardware to its full size. Once the frame is ready, the prints simply slot onto the frame. Because of the silicone edges, no accessories are needed to secure the graphics to the frame. Your prints can either cover the front and sides of the frame or span across the entire display. If you have a backlit option, adding your lights to the display is also easy. Before you cover the frame in the graphics, simply follow the included assembly instructions and hang the lights onto the truss bars of the frame.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between straight and curved pop ups?

The difference between our straight pop ups and our curved ones is the shape. The straight option is a standard rectangular size, while the curved option has a shape that accentuates the graphics. If your design is not very text-heavy, such as one that uses just logos, then a curved option is great for showing off the graphics in a unique way. If your prints have more text, such as a slogan or contact information, a straight option is the better choice.

What are backlit pop ups?

Both our straight and curved pop ups come in a backlit option. This is where lights are hanging inside the hardware and covered with the graphics. When you turn the lights on, it illuminates your design, making it more noticeable to potential customers or event attendees.

Can I get replacement frames and prints for these displays?

Yes, all our SEG pop ups have the option of hardware only or print only orders. Go to the first question in the configurator that says, “Order Type” and select “Hardware only” or “Prints only” depending on which you need. Replacement prints easily install on old frames and vice versa if they are the right size.

What materials are the SEGs made from?

Our backlit SEG pop up displays are printed on a canvas-like 300D polyester that is ultra-durable and long-lasting. This is the same kind of material we use for our canopy tents. The non-backlit displays have the option for the 300D polyester, a display polyester, and a premium polyester. The display polyester and premium polyester are knitted with the premium option being the more heavy-duty of the two.

What kind of printing is used for the banners?

All our polyester material is printed using a dye sublimation technique. This is a high-quality printing process that ingrains the ink into the material, resulting in vivid colors that will not scratch or peel off. This will leave your pop up graphics looking brand new, even after repeated or extended use.

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