Shopping for a custom car flag? Tex Visions offers high-quality flags in an array of shapes, sizes, and styles so you can find the best flag for your application. All of our car window flags are printed on our durable outdoor flag polyester using dye sublimation for a deeply colorful, fade-resistant finish that is sure to attract the eyes of passerby. Choose a product below to start your online design.

Dye Sublimation Printing | High-Quality Material | Premium Flagpole | Design Online | Free Shipping Over $49 | Quick Turnaround | No Hidden Fees

Dye Sublimated Car Flags
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Car flag with suction cup holder
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Car Flags with Solid Colors
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Car Flag Pole
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Car Feather Flag
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Car Drop Flag
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Car Rectangular Flag
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Car Rectangular Curve Flag
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Custom Car Flags: Why Choose Tex Visions?

Premium Fabric: All Tex Visions’ flags are crafted from highly-durable and weather-resistant outdoor flag polyester. This lightweight fabric is tear-resistant and has excellent color reproduction, showcasing your custom design in brilliant, full color. Our flags have been quality tested to ensure they fly for an extended period of time.

Dye Sublimation Printing: We print our flags using dye sublimation. This high-end printing technique embeds the ink directly into the polyester fibers, creating a bright, full-color, fade-resistant finish. Every inch of our custom car flags is customizable. We offer single-reverse and double-sided printing options.

Flagpole Options: We offer two pole options: Car Flagpole and Parade Flagpole. Our Car Flagpole is crafted from heavy-duty white PVC and is approved for driving speeds up to 70mph. Our Parade Flagpole is designed for slow moving traffic up to 45mph and is available in two different sizes. Both pole styles clip into the car window for a snug and secure fit.

Customer Service: With over 15 years of experience designing, printing, and shipping custom car flag orders for our customer base, Tex Visions customers service team is experienced and thoroughly trained to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Need a bulk order? No problem! When you contact us, you reach our fully stocked customer service department at our HQ in Carlisle, PA.

Car Flag Infographic

Closeup on high quality material Print Options and Orientation
Choose between Single-Reverse and Double-Sided flag printing styles and between driver and passenger side orientations.

Premium Car Flag Pole Premium Car Flag Pole Options
Our car flag pole is crafted from heavy-duty white PVC and is designed for driving speeds up to 70mph. We also offer special flagpoles for parades, car lots, and more.

Dye sublimated flags

Dye Sublimation Printing
Our custom car flags are printed on premium fabric using dye sublimation. This printing method produces a brilliant, full-color, fade-resistant finish.

Premium Flag Material

High-Quality Flag Material
Tex Visions car flags are printed on a durable polyester material that is suitable for year-round use and boasts exceptional color reproduction.


Design Your Car Flag Online: 3 Easy Methods

Online Design Tool: Tex Visions online tool makes it easy to create your custom car flag artwork without any professional design software. The tool has the ability to upload pictures or artwork from your computer, and includes clip art, shapes, background colors and much more. It also has guidance prompts to keep your design within our print standards. Each submitted design is double-checked for any errors by our team of graphic artists before being sent to print.

Upload Template: We recommend this method for customers that have design software on their computer. It involves downloading the artwork template from the product page, adding your design, and reuploading to our website. Every artwork submission is checked by our team of designers before being sent to print.

Free Design Services: Not interested in designing your custom car flag? No problem! Our team of graphic artists will create you a design from the ground up – for no cost to you! Just send us any artwork or ideas you have, and we will correspond with you until the design is exactly what you had in mind.

Single-Reverse vs Double-Sided Flags

We offer our custom car flags with two printing style options:

Single-Reverse: For this style we print on one side of the flag and bleed the ink through to the opposite side creating a reverse image on the rear side. Single-reverse flies the best and is our best-selling style.

Double-Sided: This style involves printing two separate pieces of fabric with your custom design and sewing them together a light-blocker in between. Double-sided printing is best if you want to display a different design on each side of the flag.

How To Install Your Car Window Flag

Installing your vehicle flag from Tex Visions requires no tools or adhesive. Choose the window you wish to display the custom car flag from and roll it down. Fit the flagpole mount into the top of the window frame and wind the window back up. Unscrew the top, add your flag, and screw the top back on ensuring a secure hold. Our hardware is designed to leave no messy residue behind and is crafted to be scratch and scuff resistant.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can I drive with the car flag attached?

It depends on which flag product you select. Our Car Flag comes with our standard flag pole, which is approved for car speeds up to 70mph. If you select our Parade Flags or Car Lot Flags, the flagpole for those products is approved for speeds up to 45mph for single-reverse and 30mph for double-sided flags.

What material are your vehicle flags?

Our custom car flags are printed on our super durable outdoor flag polyester. This lightweight material is tear resistant, has excellent color reproduction, and is designed for extended outdoor use in any climate.  We use it for all our flag products at Tex Visions.

Can I place a bulk order? Is there a discount?

Yes! Tex Visions started exclusively as a bulk and wholesale online store before we also started offering directly to customers. We are very experienced taking car flag bulk orders and the price is discounted depending on the quantity of flags ordered. You will not find a better deal per quality in the industry.

Does the pole come with each flag order?

When you are configuring your car flag product, you have the option to select Prints and Hardware, Prints Only, or Hardware Only.

Can this be installed on both sides of the automobile?

Yes, our vehicle flags are designed to be able to be mounted on either side of your automobile.

What is the difference between the Car and Parade Flagpole?

The difference between the two is the speed rating. Our standard Flagpole is more durably built and can withstand speeds up to 70mph while our Parade Flagpole is designed for slow speeds up to 45mph max. Each can be fitted with our custom car flags.

Do you offer multiple sizes?

We offer different sizes for our Car Lot Flags and our Parade Flags. Each has two size options. Our Car Flag is available only at 18” x 12” size. (w x h)