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Car Flag Pole

Car Flag Poles

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  • Durable PVC poles used to display car flags
  • Premium pole fits a 18" x 12" flag
  • Economy pole fits 12" x 8" and 16" x 11" flags
  • Base of pole securely clips onto car windows
  • Premium car flag can be used when driving up to 70mph
  • Economy max wind speed is 30mph
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About Our Car Flag Poles

Secure your flag to the window of your vehicle with our premium or economy car flag poles. These versatile car flag holders are perfect for parade display, street use, and highway driving. Our car flag poles are crafted from durable white PVC for reliability. These poles are available in two styles: Economy and Premium. Both styles feature easy assembly to your vehicle by wedging the base of the pole into a closed window of any vehicle.


  • White PVC pole

Wind Rating

  • Economy Max Speed: 30 mph
  • Premium Max Speed: 70 mph


ModelPart NumberPrint SizePole LengthWeight
Economy H_MS00200 Small (11.8in x 7.9in) 12.8in 0.05lbs
Economy H_MS00201 Medium (15.7in x 11in) 17in 0.1lbs
Premium H_MS00202 18in x 11.75in 20in 0.2lbs

Economy Poles

Our Economy poles are intended for display at lower speed-limits – up to 30 mph. Assembly for these economic poles involves simply sliding the pole into the flag’s pole sleeve. Please note that exceeding the recommended speed limits will result in the flags flying off the pole. The economy version does not feature a mechanism that secures the flag to the pole. Two flag sizes are offered with this model: Small (12” x 8”) and Medium (16” x 11”).

Premium Poles

Our Premium car flag holders are made from the same durable PVC and are also easily displayed by wedging the base of the pole within a closed vehicle window. The premium version is compatible with car flags up to 11.75” tall and features a ball that screws on top of the pole to prevent the flag from flying off the pole at higher traveling speeds. These car flag poles can resist speeds up to 70 mph.

Easy Installation

These car window flag holders can be showcased for advertising purposes, car shows and parades, or just for showing off your custom car flag design. But how are they setup? The flagpole mounts inside your car window for a secure and reliable hold. To install the flag, follow the instructions below:

  1. Twist off the cap on the top of the pole. (Premium only)
  2. Add the flag to the pole by sliding the pole through the pole pocket on the side of the car flag.
  3. Once the car flag is installed on the flagpole, put the cap back into place. (Premium only)
  4. Roll the car window back up. This ensures your flag does not separate from the car flag pole while driving at high speeds.

Shopping for custom car flags? We offer multiple styles, shapes, and sizes so you can find the perfect flag for your application.

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