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Breakaway Banners

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  • High quality run through banners
  • All banners are fully customizable and printed with dye-sub technology
  • Comes with pole pockets on each side to insert poles
  • Hook-and-loop adhesive runs down the center to connect the banners
  • Made from polyester fabric, which can be cleaned in a washing machine
  • Aluminum pole set with carrying case can be purchased for complete setup
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About Our Breakaway Banners

Show off your team logo at a sports game with these run through banners. Have players of a sports team run through these large banners when entering the field during a game. Two people, often cheerleaders, hold the poles at the end while the teammates break and run through the banners. Our banners can be used for many games throughout the season, due to the durable materials, print, and simple assembly. The knitted polyester material and dye sublimation printing technique hold up in the elements. This is because the ink is infused into the fabric, which prevents the graphics from scratching or peeling off. The poles are also made from long-lasting materials and are lightweight for easy transportation. If you need a new banner to showcase a new team logo or mascot or need a replacement for your old one, you can assemble the new banner on the same pole hardware. Our banners come in a wide range of standard sizes to suit different locations, both indoors and outdoors. Hook-and-loop fasteners are added to the center of the banner to quickly connect the strips of fabric and for the team to easily break through. Give your team a grand entrance with these high-quality banners.

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  • Custom print

Print Size

  • 10.0' x 6.0'
  • 12.0' x 4.0'
  • 12.0' x 8.0'
  • 14.0' x 10.0'
  • Custom size


  • Display Polyester: Nearly opaque knitted fabric, 6.10oz/yd² (flame-retardant)

Layout & Finishing

  • Single-reverse: Left and right side finished with pole pockets, hook-and-loop adhesive in center to connect the banners

What Are Breakaway Banners?

These break through banners are used at sports games, often football games, for team entrances. The banner is printed with a team logo, mascot, or name to generate some team spirit. Football and other sports players run through the fabric and onto the field to make a memorable entrance. This is a common way for teams to enter a field during a game, because it’s interesting, fun, and a great way for spectators to cheer them on. There’s a pole attached to each side for cheerleaders or staff to hold onto as they run on the field. The two strips of fabric connect with hook-and-loop fasteners for the players to break through. When you need to use the breakaway signs again, simply reattach the fasteners.

Superior Polyester Banners

Your custom banner design is printed onto supreme polyester fabric. This lightweight, knitted fabric is flame-retardant for indoor and outdoor display, but also easy to print on. We print the design using a modern dye sublimation process where the ink is ingrained into the material. This prevents the colors from scratching off the football run through signs while also creating eye-popping graphics. We print your design onto the material with full CMYK colors, which allows you to make your banner as detailed and colorful as you want without it affecting the price. Our display polyester is perfect for reuse over vinyl banners due to its tear resistance and machine washability.

Durable Poles & Carrying Cases

Our hardware includes the poles for carrying and holding the banner up and carrying cases for storing and transporting the set. You can add on a pole kit and carrying case to your order or, if you are ordering replacement graphics, just purchase the prints. They aluminum poles are great for withstanding indoor and outdoor weather because they won’t rust. They are also lightweight, making them easy to transport and hold up while players are running through the banner. The poles come in a carry bag, which can be used to store them when not in use.

Wide Range of Sizes

We offer our breakaway banners in a variety of standard sizes. Choose from several sizes for your banner. Our sizes range from 8ft x 4ft to suit smaller, indoor events, to a large 14ft x 12ft for crowded, outdoor games. Our most popular sizes are 10ft x 6ft, 14ft x 10ft, and especially 12ft x 8ft if you want sizes similar to what most teams use. Think about where you will be using your banner and how much space you have. There will certainly be a size available to fit your location.

How to Design Your Breakaway Banners Online

Apply your artwork using a design method listed below. Our team of experienced designers will email you a free digital proof of your design for your approval. Once approved, we will begin printing your order.

Online Design Tool: Create your design online using our design suite. Upload your artwork and logo files in seconds. Add text, your image or logo, colors, and more.

Upload Artwork Template: Design your product using your own design software. Download the artwork template, add your artwork, and reupload the completed template at any time.

Free Design Services: Not sure where to begin? Send our team your artwork files or design ideas and we will work with you to create the perfect artwork for your product.

Breakaway Banner Features

Breakaway Banner

Dye Sublimation Process Dye Sublimation Process
We use a dye sublimation printing technique to print the banner. This means the ink is infused into the fabric for striking colors that won’t peel off.

Hook-and-Loop Fastener Hook-and-Loop Fastener Closures
Reuse your banner at multiple events due to the hook-and-loop fasteners. These closures are finished down the banner for easy separation.

Display Fabric

Display Polyester Fabric
Our breakaway banners are made from a knitted polyester material that is superior to vinyl due to its lightweight, washable, and tear resistant properties.

Pole Pockets

Pole Pocket Finishing
Easily assemble your banner on the pole set with the pole pocket finishing on each side to secure the banner to the poles.


Optional Hardware
Include the pole set and carry bag hardware for storing and transporting your banner. Our poles are made from outdoor-tested aluminum.


How to Set Up Your Breakaway Banner

Assembly #1

Step #1

Place both sections of your banner on flat, clean ground. Secure the hook-and-loop fasteners on each side to connect the strips of fabric.

Assembly #2

Step #2

Put together the pole set by securing each section with the snap and click closure. Once the poles are clicked into place, continue setup.

Assembly #3

Step #3

Slide each pole through the pole pocket finishing on each side. The poles should be completely secured inside the pockets before use.

Assembly #4

Step #4

Stand the run through signs up by holding the poles on each side. Make your banner taut by pulling the poles away from each other, creating a sleek look that shows off your design.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the turnaround time?

The standard turnaround time for the breakaway banners is 3 business days. If you need your banner faster than this, we offer rush shipping and production rates. View what options are available for you when checking out or use our “Delivery Estimator”.

What is the most popular size to use at sporting events?

Our popular banner sizes include 10ft x 6ft and 14ft x 10ft, but the most popular size to use at games is 12ft x 8ft. This is the most common size used by teams as it’s large enough to be seen by a crowd and to fully showcase a design.

How do I clean my banner?

Keep your banner in great condition by easily cleaning the material in a washing machine. When cleaning your banner, there are several precautions to take. Use a gentle cycle and warm water. Mild detergent can be applied in certain areas where there’s difficult stains. When drying your banner, you can either use a low cycle in the dryer or hang the banner to dry. If you need to get rid of any wrinkles, use a steamer rather than an iron to protect the material and print.

What material is used for the run through banners?

All our football breakaway banners are made from our Display Polyester. This material is a lightweight, knitted polyester that perfectly shows off a design, but also is flame-retardant and resistant to tearing. The polyester fabric is easy to print on, resulting in vibrant graphics. The durability and resilience of this fabric is superior to vinyl.

How are the banner pieces connected?

Hook-and-loop fasteners are used for connecting the football run through banners. Each piece of fabric is finished with hook-and-loop fasteners on the side, which easily press together to keep the banner secure. Your full graphic will be visible when attaching the two pieces.

How long are the poles?

We will send you poles in a size that accommodates your banner size. There isn’t an option for choosing your pole size, this is automatically done when ordering your banner. The poles can add an additional 16in, depending on the banner size you choose.

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