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Trade Show Table Covers

Looking to display trade show tablecloths at your next event or exhibition? Tex Visions offers high-quality table covers in an array of shapes, sizes, and style options that are affordable for any budget. All of our tablecloth styles are custom printed on premium polyester-based fabrics using dye sublimation for a full color, fade-resistant finish that is sure to attract the eyes of passersby. Choose a style below and start designing.

Dye Sublimation Printing • Machine Washable • Design Online • Free Shipping • Fast Turnaround • Rush Options • No Hidden Fees

Custom Tablecloths
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Custom fitted tablecloths
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Stretch Stain-Resistant Cover w/ All Over Print
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Custom Table Runners
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Crossover Stain-Resistant Table Cover
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Convertible Table Cover
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Stock Color Standard Table Cover
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Custom round table covers
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Bistro Table with Standard Table Cover
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Bistro Table with Stretch Table Cover
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Make An Impression at Your Next Trade Show or Event

Our table covers are designed to be stylish and professional but most importantly to attract the attention of a passing audience. All styles are printed using dye sublimation, which produces brilliant, full color graphics that maintain their pristine finish after years of repeated use. For a small initial investment, custom trade show table throws offer you the ability to market your brand directly to customers, increasing the chances of engagement and follow up inquiries.

These versatile table covers are reusable, machine washable, and are perfect for exhibiting at retail stores, churches and places of worship, as well as trade shows and events, among many others. With our fast turnaround times, unmatched product selection, and industry leading customer service, Tex Visions is the perfect supplier for all your tablecloth needs.

Stand Out with Premium Table Covers

Design Online in Minutes Design Online in Minutes

Create your design in minutes using one of our three design methods: Design Online, Upload Artwork Template, or Free Design Service. Each design method includes a free proof.

Dye Sublimation Printing Dye Sublimation Printing

We print using dye sublimation, a state-of-the-art printing technique that produces bright, full-color graphics that are scratch and fade-resistant.

Wrinkle & Flame-Resistant Fabric Wrinkle & Flame-Resistant Fabric

Our table covers are made from wrinkle-resistant and flame-retardant polyester material. We also offer stain-resistant material options, as well.

Reusable and Easy to Clean Reusable and Easy to Clean

Our custom table covers are machine washable, making it easy to keep them in pristine condition for your next event or show.

Multiple Coverage Styles Multiple Coverage Styles

Our tablecloths are offered with 3-sided and 4-sided coverage. Each coverage style can be beneficial for different applications.

Custom table cover

Trade Show Table Covers: Tex Visions vs Other Suppliers

Displaying tablecloths is a proven cost-effective way to showcase your brand and products to a passing audience. We offer an array of different styles, shapes, and fabrics so you can find the best option for your event. Tex Visions table covers for trade shows are printed on world-class printers, showcasing your custom design in attention-grabbing, full color.

Custom Printing and Design Options

We offer our tablecloths in a variety of design styles including all over print, area imprint, stain-resistant, and solid color print. We also have an array of different cuts including traditional, fitted, stretch, convertible and runner. Whether you are displaying at an indoor show or an outdoor fair, we offer the customization options to provide you with the perfect, eye-catching tablecloth for your event.

Design Your Perfect Trade Show Tablecloth

Unlike our competitors, our tablecloths are 100% customizable from the size, shape and color to the fabric, style and cut. Our All Over Print table covers allow you to design every inch of the throw with unlimited designs and colors for no extra cost or hidden fees. Our Area Imprint covers are essentially trade show table covers with logo print, centering your logo or brand in the center of the tablecloth with a solid background color. We allow you to choose between three-sided and four-sided coverage options so you can pick the best style for your application.

Premium Fabric Options

Our table covers are crafted from different premium polyester-based fabric materials depending on which product style you select. These include fabrics for indoor and outdoor display, as well as options for stretch and stain-resistance. All styles offer a professional finish, spectacular color reproduction, and are machine washable - offering years of repeated use.

Customer Service

With over 15 years of experience designing, printing, and shipping custom trade show table covers for our loyal customer base, our customer service team is knowledgeable and fully trained to answer any question or concern you may have. When you call or message us, it goes to a real person at our headquarters in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Difference Between 3-Sided and 4-Sided Table Covers

We offer two different coverage options for our trade show tablecloths: 3-sided and 4-sided. There are different advantages to using both styles.

3-Sided: The advantage of using a 3-sided table cover is the ability to quickly access storage under the table if needed. This can be important in a busy trade show environment. Another benefit of this style is more comfortable seating and eliminating the risk of accidentally moving the tablecloth with one’s shoes. If you are displaying up against a wall or custom backdrop banner, this style works best because passerby won't be able to see behind your table.

4-Sided: The advantage of using 4-sided trade show table covers is the ability to create a hidden storage area under the table. This allows you to store your unsightly traveling and trade show gear underneath the table and out of sight. This can be especially helpful if your table display is not up against a wall or is in the middle of a room.

3-Sided vs 4-Sided Tablecloths
3-Sided (Open Back)
4-Sided (Closed Back)

Trade Show Table Covers Printed Using Dye Sublimation

We print all of our tablecloths using dye sublimation. This advanced printing technique injects the ink (in its gas form) directly into the fabric, creating a bond that is unmatched by inferior printing techniques. The result is a vibrant, full-color print that appears high-definition to the viewer. Another benefit of this printing technique is the added fade-resistance, allowing the trade show tablecloth to be machine washed.

Design Your Tablecloth Online - 3 Simple Methods

Online Design Tool: Our online tool makes it easy to design your trade show table covers without any design software. It comes stocked with helpful art assets such as clip art, fonts, stock images and much more. The tool also includes guides that keep your design within print standards. Each submission is checked by our graphics team before print.

Upload Artwork: This method involves downloading a custom tablecloth design template from a product page, opening on design software, adding your artwork to the template, and reuploading to our site. Your submission is checked for any errors by our design team before print.

Free Design Services: This method is perfect for customers that would like a professional to design their trade show table covering. Our design team will correspond with you until the design is exactly what you had in mind, for free.

Cleaning Yard Letters

Cleaning and Storing Your Tablecloths

  • Cleaning the trade show tablecloths is a simple process. If there are small blemishes, wipe them with a soft, moist cloth. For a more thorough cleaning, simply machine wash on the delicate cycle using cold water and a mild detergent.
  • It is important to avoid using any harsh chemicals or bleach when laundering your tablecloths as these may stain or ruin the printed finish.
  • To dry, either air dry or tumble dry with low heat. If there are any wrinkles, smooth them out using a steamer or an iron set to low heat.
  • To store, simply fold and store in a dark, dry area such as a closet. Avoid sharp objects when in storage.

Frequently Asked Questions


When will I receive my trade show tablecloths?

We have a 3 day turnaround time, plus shipping. We offer rush production for an extra fee. We also offer expedited shipping options at checkout.

How do I design my table covers?

We offer three easy ways for you to design your table covers. You can create you design online using our online design tool, you may upload your artwork on one of our artwork templates, or you can have our design team create your artwork for you, for free

Do you offer multiple sizes? Do you offer custom size tablecloths?

Yes, to both! We offer our table covers for trade shows in multiple standard sizes including: 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft, with 6ft being our most popular size. We do also offer custom sizes for our tablecloths maxing out at around 20ft. For more information about custom sizes, please contact our customer service team.

Printing Specs

How are your trade show table covers printed?

We print our table covers using dye sublimation. This cutting edge printing technique produces bright, full-color graphics that are scratch-resistant and fade-resistant. Dye sublimated table covers are safe for machine washing.

What is the difference between All Over Print and Area Imprint?

For the All Over Print style, your design covers the entire tablecloth from end to end, while the Area Imprint is specifically for creating simple trade show covers with logo print. You add your logo or artwork to the middle of the tablecloth and choose from an assortment of background colors.

Materials and Durability

What material are these trade show table covers?

We offer multiple fabric options depending on which tablecloth product you select. All are printed on a polyester-based fabric that is designed for excellent color reproduction and long-term durability.

Are your tablecloths fire-resistant?

Yes, each of our trade show tablecloths are fire-resistant and NPFA-701 fire class certified. This makes them safe to display at any trade show, convention, or event.

Are your table throws able to stretch?

For our traditional style, it is slightly stretchy. We also offer a stretch tablecloth.

Can I display my tablecloth outdoors?

Yes! You certainly can display these tablecloths outdoors. Each of our table covers is safe to display outdoors in direct sunlight, and in wet weather. Because we print using dye sublimation, the graphics won't fade or wash out when exposed to water or sunlight.

How do I store my custom trade show table cloth?

For storage, simply fold the table cover, and store it in a dark, dry room like an office or closet. Always make sure the table cover is completely dry before folding and placing into storage to avoid any mold in the fabric.

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