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Feather Flag Pole Sets

Set up your feather flags with ease using these durably constructed feather flag poles. These kits accommodate all our feather flag styles, such as the standard blade flags, the rectangular flags, and the more uniquely shaped flags. Choose from the economic standard or heavy-duty premium options and display your flag where all can see. Your hardware ships the day you order it or the next business day, guaranteeing a fast turnaround time to suit all schedules.

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Rectangular Flag with Arm Pole Set
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Razor Flag Medium Pole Set
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Arrow Flag Small Pole Set
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$16199 $13499
Shield Small Pole Set
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$19439 $16199
Surfer Medium Pole Set
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$13319 $11099

Standard vs. Premium

All pole sets come in either standard or premium styles. The standard version is the more economical of the two as they are designed for both smaller flag sizes and the standard, larger size. This version withstands wind speeds up to 30mph, making it perfect for indoor and light outdoor use. The premium option, on the other hand, is the more expensive of the two but also lasts longer due to the stronger construction that holds up in winds up to 63mph. This option is great for larger flags that are set up outdoors for an extended period or used repeatedly in different weather conditions. When choosing which hardware to get, think about where you will be assembling your feather flag and for how long.

Setting Up Your Pole Kits

Installing your flags with your pole kits is very easy and does not require any tools. All pole sets come in separate pieces that make it easy to ship but also convenient to store when not in use. The pole comes in sections that snap together with ease. Once the pole set is connected, the flag attaches to the hardware through the pole sleeve. The bottom of the kit is attached to either a feather flag stake or a cross base. The stake hardware is for securing the flag in soft ground, such as grass or dirt, while the cross base is for setting up your flag on hard floors, such as asphalt and sidewalks. No matter what base you choose, it is compatible with the standard and premium flagpoles. View the “Videos” tab on each product page for a demo on setting up your pole sets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the turnaround time for these pole sets?

All our pole options are ready to ship the day you order them if purchased before 1 p.m. ET or ship the next day if ordered after 1p.m. ET. The shipping time depends on your location. View what shipping rates are available for you using our “Delivery Estimator” tool or when checking out.

What is the difference between each pole set product?

Each product is for a different kind of feather flag. If you have a standard, flying shape feather flag, we have a pole set product page for that. If, however, you have another shaped feather flag, like our unique Razor or Arrow flags, then we also have pole sets available for them. Choose which product corresponds with the feather flag you have.

How do you set them up?

These feather flag poles are set up without tools. The pole pieces connect without any hassle. The flag attaches to the top through the pole sleeve while the bottom connects to a base for stabilizing the entire display. There is a hook on the hardware that a fabric tab of the feather flag attaches to which prevents the flag from flying off the hardware. We have videos available on each product page that show a step-by-step guide for setting up these pole kits.

What material is used for the hardware?

The construction of the flagpoles depends on whether you choose a standard or premium pole set. The more affordable standard option is made from aluminum and fiberglass while the durable premium version is made from an aviation-grade fiberglass construction. Both materials are designed for outdoor use in all kinds of weather.

Where are these feather flag pole sets used?

These pole kits are used wherever feather flags are displayed. They are typically seen at the entrance of an event or store, showcasing a custom or stock message. Feather flags and their poles are seen anywhere a business or organization needs to grab the attention of passersby.