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Custom Inflatable Arches

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  • Inflatable arches are great for large sports events
  • Choose between an angled arch or a square arch
  • Doesn’t need continual air flow, once it is filled up, arches seal the air inside
  • Carrying case and stakes are included
  • Image is printed on weather-resistant polyester
  • Hook-and-loop fasteners attach the print to the arch
  • Frame for the air arch is made from a durable, flexible TPU

About Our Custom Inflatable Arches

Design a one-of-a-kind inflatable archway for your next sporting event, trade-show, or outdoor festival. Our inflatable arches are crafted with an expandable core made from heavy-duty TPU and are finished with a matte back polyester exterior. Custom graphics cover the entire exterior of the archway, including the front and rear, making it a highly visible 360 degree advertising display. Graphics are 100% customizable and removable, allowing you to easily swap out the custom banners for your next event or brand promotion. Custom printed graphics are applied using hook and loop fasteners for a simple and secure setup process that can be completed with no tools or adhesives required. We offer two different shape variations, each fortified with the same heavy-duty expandable core, and each featuring custom removable graphics.

Our custom inflatable arches are filled with air on site and do not require a continuous blower, making them safer for outdoor display and a better option for areas that do not have a constant or reliable electrical power source, like large parks and remote destinations. These inflatable arches are lightweight and collapse into a compact design, making them easy to transport to different locations and convenient to store. Assembling and disassembling the arches is a simple task that requires just a handful of people with no tools needed.

Square inflatable arch

  • External Size: 14.8' x 10.5'
  • Internal Size: 11.8' x 9.2'
  • Weight: 24lb
  • Part Number: HS_DS_176

Angled inflatable arch

  • External Size: 21.3' x 14.8'
  • Internal Size: 17.4' x 12.8'
  • Weight: 40lb
  • Part Number: HS_DS_174

Layout & Finishing

  • Single-reverse: Print hemmed on two sides and hook-and-loop fasteners on other sides to fasten to hardware


  • Custom print
  • Inflatable tube
  • Carrying case



  • 300D Polyester: Water-resistant & scratch-proof fabric, 6.00oz/yd² (flame-retardant)


  • Flexible & inflatable plastic polyurethane (TPU)

What Are Inflatable Arches?

Inflatable arches are modern advertising and event displays that are shaped like large archways. They are inflated on site and typically feature company branding or custom artwork promoting a business, charity, or event. Inflatable arches are extremely lightweight and portable, making them the perfect displays for outdoor events like marathons, festivals, and other large gatherings. Our arches are completely customizable and showcase your logo or artwork on all sides, allowing for maximum brand exposure.

Advertising with inflatable arches has increased in recent years due to advances in technology to create more reliable and efficient inflatable advertising displays. Compared to other forms of advertising, custom inflatable products excel at capturing the attention of passing foot and car traffic with their large size and custom full-color designs. They are also popular advertising displays because they are easy to set up and break down and are highly portable. Instead of building and assembling a large advertising exhibit for a short term event, custom arches and pillars offer an easy-to-use inflatable alternative that can set up and break down in minutes, with no installation team or tools required.

How to Design Your Inflatable Arch

We offer three design methods so you can choose the best option based on your graphic design experience. Each artwork submission is checked by our pre-press team for any errors or pixilation issues before being approved for print.

Design Online: Create your artwork online, in real time, using our design tool. Our online design tool allows you to upload logos, artwork, or images straight from your computer, and it comes loaded with art assets like background designs, text options, clip art, and more.

Upload Artwork: This method involves downloading the design template, adding your artwork using professional design software, and reuploading the finished template to our website.

Free Design Services: If you would like our team of graphics artists to design your inflatable arch for you, no problem! We can create you a design, for no charge to you. Just simply share some images or design ideas you have in mind, and our team of graphic artists will work with you until the design is completed.

Inflatable Arches Crafted to Last

Our inflatable archways are made from durable and outdoor tested materials. They are safe to display in all seasons and can really add a wow factor to any outdoor event. The custom graphics are removable, giving you maximum flexibility with your inflatable display.

Inflatable Core

Our inflatable arches are crafted from TPU, or thermoplastic polyurethane. This rubber-like material is highly flexible, durable, and puncture resistant, making it perfect for outdoor inflatable displays. TPU also absorbs impacts well and can withstand a variety of elements including water, oil, and excessive heat, making it a highly resilient material that is safe to display around a large crowd without the worry of it deflating and collapsing.

Removable Graphics

The graphics for our inflatable arches are dye sublimated on 300D polyester. This high-quality print infuses the ink directly into the fibers of the polyester for a vibrant, fade-resistant finish that is scratch resistant, and safe to display in wet weather. 300D polyester is a lightweight, yet heavy-duty material that is safe for repeated outdoor display. It is water and tear-resistant, flame-retardant, and has a super smooth exterior for a professional finish.

All graphics are applied and removed via hook and loop fasteners. Hook and look fasteners allow for an uncomplicated, quick setup process that guarantees a secure hold, ensuring the banners will stay attached in windy or rainy weather. 

Where Are Inflatable Arches Typically Displayed?

Businesses and organizations display blow up archways at an array of different events. They are excellent at attracting the attention of passing traffic, typically showcasing a company logo or custom artwork printed in bright, full colors. Custom inflatable arches are usually displayed at gathering points like inflatable start and finish lines, parade starts, sporting events and more. They are also commonly seen at:

  • Marathons and races
  • Car dealerships
  • College events
  • Pep rallies
  • In-store displays
  • Festivals and fairs
  • Parades

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