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Shipping Methods

Shipping includes anywhere within the U.S. and Canada as well as other North and South American countries. Online orders are limited to shipping within the U.S. and Canada. Keep production time in mind as a factor for delivery time. Business days do not include weekends or U.S. holidays.

Ex Works Carlisle

Shipping on the customer's account is possible for both online and offline orders. The account holder agrees to pay shipping costs as well as any additional charges for special handling or any correctional charges (assessorial charges). No pricing is provided if a product is shipped on the account. Special discounts with our shipping providers offer competitive costs, but if shipped on the customer's account the cost might be higher.

International Shipments

All of our pricing is charged in U.S. dollars. Customs, duties, and fees are the responsibility of the customer and are not included. We will not be liable for clearance delays.

Blind Shipping

Blind shipping, drop shipping and distribution services are available. Some of these services may incur a fee, so check with your representative to receive a quote. Shipments leaving the U.S. cannot be blind shipped.


Ordered items are packed in the most convenient way unless otherwise specified. Special packing is available for hardware sets packed and boxed individually together with flags, for distributions, or as preparation for your own distribution. Additional charges may apply for special packing.

Delivery Terms

Offline quote and sales order estimates are possible and can be adjusted with the final invoice. Online order pricing is final. Additional charges such as address correction or return due to lack of pick up are charged to the customer. We reserve the right to adjust shipping methods based on production volume to meet your delivery date without refunding production or shipping charges. 

Tracking an Order

A tracking number will be e-mailed by UPS and FedEx for both online and offline orders at the end of the day the order is shipped or the next morning. A customer can also get the tracking number for online orders via their online account.


Delivery times vary based on the shipping method, ranging from morning to evening deliveries. Some deliveries may require a signature or a person available for delivery, so lack of availability could cause delivery delays.

We require the customer to inspect their products upon receipt. Any obvious manufacturing defects must be reported immediately before the product is used. By accepting a package, the customer agrees that the products arrived without visible shipping damage. If shipping damage is suspected, the package should be signed for delivery as damaged and Tex Visions must be contacted immediately. Failure to sign for a package as damaged or to contact Tex Visions within 3 business days will be treated as a warranty claim and is subject to our warranty policy.

What To Do If You Need An Order Sent Elsewhere

Occasionally, you might need to have an order shipped somewhere else. A number of scenarios might have happened:

  • You booked a different hotel
  • The trade show is in a different city, state or even country
  • Your event isn’t until much later, and you need the item(s) held
  • You put an incorrect address in at the time of shipment

Regardless of the reason, the order is going to Point A, and you need it to go to Point B. What are you to do? Well, luckily both UPS and FedEx have you covered.

UPS My Choice®

If the package has been shipped by UPS (usually identified by a tracking number starting with “1Z”), you have a recourse in the form of UPS My Choice®. My Choice is offered in two service tiers: a free “member” tier and a paid “premium” tier. The table below explains the differences between the two tiers.

Main Features Free Member Tier Paid Premium Tier
Delivery alerts
Delivery planning
Estimated delivery times
Shipment releases authorized
Can be held at a UPS Customer Center
"Leave At" Instructions
Can be left with a neighbor
Will be delivered to a UPS Access Point® location $
Package will be delivered another day $
Package will be delivered to another address $
Upgrade UPS SurePost® packages to Ground $
Confirm delivery windows $

If you would like to sign up for either tier of the UPS My Choice® program, you can do so at the UPS website.

FedEx Delivery Manager®

If the order has been shipped by FedEx (identified by a 12-digit tracking number if FedEx Express or a 15-digit tracking number if FedEx Ground), you can set up alternate package handling options through the FedEx Delivery Manager® program. The FedEx Delivery Manager® program offers several different features to help facilitate getting the package where it needs to go, including:

FedEx Delivery Manager® Program
Redirect your package to any FedEx location in the country
Give your FedEx driver specific delivery instructions
Customize your package's delivery time
Redirect your package to another non-FedEx address
Remotely sign for your package
Hold your package for pickup if you're on vacation or otherwise away
Receive delivery notifications or other info as necessary

The FedEx Delivery Manager® program is free of charge. You can sign up at the FedEx website.

If you need help with signing up for UPS My Choice® or the FedEx Delivery Manager® program, please go to here for UPS or here for FedEx.

Please note that UPS My Choice® and FedEx Delivery Manager® are for residential customers only.