Advertising Umbrellas

Advertising umbrellas are functional display systems that are sure to attract the attention of potential customers and are a unique promotional product suited to a variety of environments. They can be mounted in a PVC base, soft soil or sand, and most models come with a thumb lock that allows your client to adjust the height and angle of their advertising umbrella.

Tex Visions is a leader in the design and production of advertising umbrellas. This advertising product is a marketing tool that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor retail spaces, and the custom printed panels make our advertising umbrellas a versatile and effective promotional product. It is up to your client to decide if they would rather have the images printed on the valance and/or printed on the segments. Complex images that cover more than one segment can be printed as a 2-panel deck, 4-panel deck, or 8-panel deck. Whether it is a spot color print or a complex image, our cutting-edge digital and screen printing technology will ensure the best printing results, combined with superior durability and color fastness. We offer several different base options, including bistro tables, which function as sophisticated banquet tables for any event your client is hosting.

Combine your advertising patio umbrellas with one of our tabletop display advertising options or a wooden chair for a complete marketing campaign. By pairing these practical advertising products together, your client can strengthen their brand and expand their customer reach. 

If you would like help choosing the right advertising umbrella or marketing product for your client, contact Tex Visions' superior customer service representatives, and we will be glad to assist you in making sure the product your client orders exceeds their expectations.