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  • Elevate team spirit with custom cheer flags
  • Great for sports games, cheerleading rallies, and more
  • Customize your flag with school colors, team name, and logo
  • Made from outdoor-tested and tear-resistant polyester
  • Printed using dye sublimation for full-color, fade-resistant graphics
  • Select between single-reverse or double-sided printing styles
  • Machine washable – easy to clean when the flags get dirty
  • Add on an optional aluminum pole set to display the flag
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About Our Cheer Flags

Get the crowd pumped up at your next sporting event by running onto the field with these spirit flags for cheerleading. These flags are designed for extended and repeated outdoor use due to their knitted, tear-resistant material. The banner is made from outdoor-tested polyester and is printed via dye-sublimation. This printing process infuses the ink into the fabric rather than on top of the material, resulting in striking colors that will not scratch or peel off, making them ideal for outdoor use. Choose between several sizes to suit all kinds of settings, from an indoor pep rally to an outdoor football field. There’s also the option between single-reverse and double-sided print layouts. These flags come with a 4-piece modular pole set adjustable to 4 different heights with a maximum height of 13ft.The pole set features snap-button assembly and can be set up quickly by one person. When not in use, these flags are safely stored in a carrying case for travel and storage, giving them a longer life. Promote your team’s name, mascot, or an encouraging message with these fully customizable cheer flags for sporting events.


  • Custom print
  • Optional pole set


  • Outdoor Flag Polyester: Lightweight knitted fabric, excellent bleed-through and tear-resistance, 3.25oz/yd²

Layout & Finishing

  • Single-reverse: 2” pole pocket on the left with a nylon tab sewn in at the bottom to attach to the pole.
  • Double-sided: Two pints sewn together with a 2” pole pocket on the left with a nylon tab sewn in at the bottom to attach to the pole.

Print Size

  • 5.0' x 3.0'
  • 6.0' x 4.0'
  • 8.0' x 5.0'
  • 10.0' x 6.0'


  • Poles come in a carrying case
  • Some assembly required

What Are Spirit Flags?

These types of flags are usually seen at high school or college sports games, most commonly football games. Someone carries the flag while running down the field, giving the audience a perfect view of what is printed on the material. The person holding the flag is usually a member of the cheer squad. These flags are often printed with the sports team’s name, the mascot, a school logo, or a custom message related to the team or the game. You can get anything you want printed onto these flags because they are entirely customizable. Using team spirit flags gets the audience of a game excited and encourages them to audibly cheer the team on. The flags are carried on a vertical pole and come in large sizes so that the print is visible to everyone in the crowd. Sometimes they are referred to as other names, such as field runners or battle flags. They make great additions to other signage used by the cheer squad during games, such as cheer signs, breakaway banners, and sideline banners.

Why Spirit Flags?

custom cheer flag

dye sublimation Dye Sublimated Prints
Our school spirit flags are UV-printed using dye sublimation. This cutting-edge printing technique produces vibrant, fade-resistant graphics that are safe for long-term outdoor exposure.

handheld pole set Optional Adjustable Pole
The handheld pole makes it easy to run with your flag. It is crafted from durable and lightweight aluminum and is fully adjustable, so you can find the right size for your routine.

polyester material

Durable Polyester Fabric
Spirit flags are crafted from durable outdoor polyester. This lightweight fabric is strengthened with double-hemmed sides and is designed for all-season use.


Simple Setup and Use
Our flags are finished with pre-sewn pole pockets for a quick and easy assembly process. Flag installation takes minutes and can be completed with no tools required.

print layout

Select Your Print Style
Choose between single-reverse and double-sided printing. See the content below for a full explanation of the pros and cons of each printing style.


3 Ways to Design Cheer Flags Online

Personalizing your team spirit flags is very easy due to the three design methods we have available. We accommodate all levels of expertise and preferences so you can create your ideal design. Each method receives a pre-production proof via email for your approval before we produce your order.

Online Design Tool: This option is great for those who are familiar with custom design or those who are new to the process. Our online suite allows you to upload artwork and logo files onto the template and further personalize the graphics with our design tools.

Upload Artwork Template: This method is great for those with design experience. If you work in graphic design, you probably have a software program you prefer using. In this case, download the artwork template and upload it back onto our site when you are finished customizing your graphics.

Free Design Services: This final option is perfect for those who have no design experience or need help figuring out what to add to their flags. Give us any files and specifications you have for your design and one of our professional graphic designers will customize the template for you for no additional charge.

Common Sizes

Our cheer flags come in four sizes : 3ft x 5ft, 4ft x 6ft, 5ft x 8ft, and 6ft x 10ft. Custom spirit flags are usually large in size because they require grabbing the attention of people from a distance and need to be easily read from far away. While these field runner flags are big in size, they are not made to be heavy due to the lightweight material and pole set. The lightweight material allows the flag to be comfortably run across the field, despite its large, instantly eye-catching size.


Putting together your pole set and spirit flag is very easy and can be completed by one person without any tools.

Cheer Flag Assembly Step #1

Step #1

Place your large banner on the floor, but someplace soft like indoor floors or the grass to prevent the material from getting ruined.

Cheer Flag Assembly Step #2

Step #2

If you have a pole set, the pole is assembled by securing the parts together to form a long flagpole. No tools are required for connecting the pole sets.

Cheer Flag Assembly Step #3

Step #3

Slide the assembled pole set through the pole pocket opening on the side of the flag until it touches the top of the pocket.

Cheer Flag Assembly Step #4

Step #4

Hook the flag loop onto the hook of the pole set for extra security. This will prevent the flag from falling off when running.

Cheer Flag Assembly Step #5

Step #5

Hold the flag up using the flagpole so that it’s ready for running across the field. Keep it straight so that it's easier to read.


These game day flags are great for repeated use because they can be machine washed if they get dirty and stored safely away when not in use. The polyester material of the flag is machine washable, but the machine needs to be set on a delicate cycle with cold water. When you are done washing the flag, do not place it in the dryer, instead hang the flag up to air dry. Do not use any bleach when washing the flag, as this could damage the print. If your flag is wrinkled, do not iron the material. We suggest using a steamer instead.


When storing your flag and pole set away, we recommend using the included carry bag. The carry bag is not only perfect for storing the flag and pole set, but also for transporting the set from game to game. When placing your flag in a safe space, we recommend rolling the material rather than folding it to prevent wrinkles. Make sure your storage location is not too hot because extensive exposure to heat or bright light can damage the print. A closet or basement are the best places for storing your custom football flags.

Single-Reverse vs. Double-Sided

What’s the different between a single-reverse and a double-sided layout? For single-reverse flags, your design is printed onto the polyester fabric and the reverse image bleeds through to the other side. This saves you printing costs and makes the flag more lightweight for running, but if your design includes words, they will come out backwards and more faded on the other side. This option works best for designs that don’t include wording or for settings where audiences will only see one side of the flag. For the double-sided option, the image appears correctly on both sides, but the material is slightly heavier. This is because we print the design on two pieces of polyester and sew them together with an inner liner to prevent light from shining through the print. This is recommended for designs the include wording or for settings where many people will be viewing your cheer flags from all directions.

Premium Pole Set and Carrying Case

Add on an optional pole set to your order for setting up your football spirit flag. These modular poles come in 4 39-inch sections that can reach a total height of 13ft when fully assembled with all pieces. The extended height of these poles ensures people from all over a stadium will be able to see and read your design, spreading school and team spirit. Setting them up is easy and done without any tools. The flag is easily attached to the pole set with the pocket finishing on the side of the flag. If you order a pole set, a carrying case will also come with your order. The carrying case stores your pole set in a safe way that’s ideal for travel and long-term storage. The case also makes it simple to move your flag and poles from game to game without your hardware getting damaged. Keeping your poles secured in the bag gives them a longer life and more use.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the turnaround time for cheer flags?

Our custom cheer flags require our standard 3-day production time after your proof is approved plus shipping time. Expedited production methods as fast as 1-day plus additional shipping methods are available if you need your flags by a certain date. Please see our Delivery Estimator above or check which options are available to you at checkout.

Can I request a quote?

Yes, while our configurator updates the price of your order in real time, you can also request a quote by clicking on the “Request a Quote” link and filling out the form. If you’re more comfortable placing an order with a sales rep, please contact us at or by calling 877-503-5247.

What is a field runner flag?

A field runner flag is the same thing as spirit flags. It’s just another name for the product because people run with the flag across a field. Other common names include cheer flags, team flags, and football flags.

What are the smallest or largest sizes available?

Our flags come in 4 sizes to suit all kinds of settings and cheer squads. The smallest size we offer is 5ft x 3ft and the largest size we have is 6ft x 10ft. Both sizes are common choices for custom team flags.

What shape do these flags come in?

These flags come in the classic rectangle shape that is typically used for cheerleading flags and other custom printed flags.

Are there quantity discounts?

Bulk discounts do apply for these flags. Please see our quantity chart in the configurator at the top of the page to see the price per item for bulk orders.

Where are cheer flags used?

These kinds of flags are mostly used at sports games for schools or professional teams. They are a way of getting the attention of people seated in the bleachers and having them audibly cheer on their team. A cheerleader is typically the person who runs across the field or sideline while carrying the flag. These flags can have anything you want printed on them to rouse excitement from the crowd, such as a team mascot, an encouraging word, the name of the team, etc. While these flags are often seen at football games, they are also used for other sports, such as baseball, basketball, and at pep rallies.

Who do I contact if I have a question?

If you need to ask us a question, contact us by calling (877) 503-5247, by email at, or by live chatting with us directly.

Printing Specifications

How do I design my flag?

We have three ways for you to customize your flag template:

  1. Use our online design tool to personalize your template without leaving our site. In our suite, you can upload artwork files and use our design tools.
  2. Download the artwork template onto your computer by clicking on the template link. When you are finished creating your template personally, upload it back on our site for us to print.
  3. Have one of our professional graphic designers create your template for you by giving us any specifications or files. You will receive a pre-production proof to review before we print the flags.

What kind of printing do you use?

Our flags are printed using a modern dye sublimation printing technique. This method ingrains the ink into the fabric, resulting in vivid colors that will not scratch or peel off the material. This gives the print a longer life compared to other printing methods that recreate the graphics on top of the material. We also use full CMYK color printing, which means you can incorporate as many colors and intricate details as you want in your graphics without it affecting the price of the flags.

Do I have to get the same design on both sides?

If you select single-reverse, then one image will appear on both sides, except one side will be a mirror-image (reversed). If you get a double-sided flag, however, you have the option for creating two unique designs to be featured on both sides. This allows you to have two different messages on each side or the same image printed correctly on both sides.

What kind of designs are printed on these flags?

People usually have team logos, mascots, or short messages printed on the flags, but we can print anything you wish on the material. The entire flag is customizable, allowing you to keep it simple with a logo or more complicated with wording.

Materials and Durability

What material are these flags made from?

Our school spirit flags are made from an outdoor-tested polyester material. This is the same material we use for our custom flags. This kind of material is designed to hold up in all kinds of weather, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor sports games. Because the polyester is knitted, the material will not tear or fray, even when used in wind, rain, snow, and heat. This gives you a long flag life ideal for repeated use at many games.

Is a liner used for double-sided flags?

Yes, we place an inner liner between the two pieces of polyester material so that the material is opaque. This will keep light from shining through, exposing the design on the other side of the flag.

What kind of finishing do these competition flags have?

Our flags come with a 2in pole pocket on the side of the material for securing the flagpole. A nylon tab is sewn at the bottom of the flag for attaching the pole to the material. If you are getting a double-sided flag, an inner liner is sewn between the two pieces of material to block out light so that the design on one side isn’t visible on the other.

Will these flags be heavy when I carry them?

No, our flags are made from lightweight material that makes it easy to run across the field while carrying them. Our single-reverse flags, however, are lighter than our double-sided option. This is because we only use one piece of material for single-reverse flags and two pieces for the double-sided, plus a liner. The pole set is made from aluminum, which is also lightweight compared to other types of hardware, making it simple to carry these flags across a football field, even considering their size.

Will these flags hold up in all kinds of weather?

Yes, our flags are designed for all kinds of outdoor use. We use a knitted polyester material for the flags, which has been tested in all kinds of weather. Due to the tear-resistance of the material, our polyester holds up in various weather conditions, such as rain, heat, wind, snow, and any other elements.

Will the print fade or scratch outdoors?

No, our print is made to endure all kinds of weather. We use a durable dye sublimation process where the ink is infused into the material rather than printed on top. This prevents the weather from ruining the print or peeling the print off. Other, cheaper alternatives print the design on top of the fabric, which doesn’t last as long.

How do I get rid of wrinkles on these flags?

We recommend using a steamer rather than an iron to remove wrinkles from the polyester material. An iron can ruin the print and material. To avoid getting wrinkles on your flag, roll it up instead of folding it when in storage. This will keep the material from creasing. Don’t put heavy objects on top of the flag either, as this can also cause creasing.

Can these flags be washed in a machine?

Yes, our flags are machine washable thanks to the polyester fabric, but there are several restrictions to keep in mind. Do not use bleach, because this can ruin the print. We also suggest using a delicate cycle and cold water to keep the banner in good condition. When you are done washing the flag, do not place it in a dryer. Instead, air dry the flag. Cleaning the flag in the proper way will ensure that it lasts longer for more games.

Where should I keep my flag when I’m not using it?

If you are finished using your flag, we recommend keeping it in a location where it won’t be in direct sunlight or exposed to heat. While sunlight and heat won’t damage the flag while it’s being used, keeping it that way for an extended period might. We suggest keeping it in a closet or basement for the best results.

Parts and Accessories

Does this flag come with the hardware? Is there any way to get just the print?

Our flags come with optional hardware. If you would like a pole set, as well as a flag, choose the “13’ Pole” option for the “Pole” question in the configurator. If, however, you just want the flag and no hardware, keep the “Pole” question defaulted to “No pole”.

How are these cheerleading flags held?

The flags are held with a large flagpole. A member of the cheer squad usually holds the bottom of the pole and runs across the field, showcasing the flag and its design. No special tools are needed for carrying and running with the flag.

How are the flags attached to the pole set?

Our flags are finished with a pole pocket on the side of the flag. All that is required is sliding the pole through the pocket until the entire flag is taut. The top of the pole pocket is sewn shut, keeping the flagpole in the pocket. After the flag is attached, hook the loop on the flag onto the hook on the pole set for extra stability. No extra tools are needed for securing the flag to the pole set.

How do I assemble the pole set?

Despite its large, intimating size, setting up the pole set is very easy and does not require any tools. All you need to do is connect the separate pieces of the pole set together before attaching the flag. The poles snap and click together for quick and painless installation.

Can I use another pole set with these flags?

The pole pockets of our flags are 2in thick, so if you have another flagpole that can fit in our pole set you shouldn’t have any problems. Keep in mind, we create our flags to be compatible with our hardware so it might not fit other flagpoles from different vendors.

Can one person carry the flag, or is more needed?

These flags can be carried by more than one person if more support is needed, but one person can carry the flag without any issues. It depends on the height and strength of the person carrying the flag, as well as the flag’s size and print layout.

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