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Car Bowflag®

The Bowflag® is universally known and revered for being a superior custom banner flag system. Now, your clients can fly a Bowflag® on the open road with the Car Bowflag® system. Tex Visions’ line of Car Bowflag® products are available in the same great shapes as the other Bowflag® products you and your clients love, with the same degree of quality and testing put into each one. Unlike our line of traditional Car Flags, the hardware used with Car Bowflag® products include an epoxy fiberglass pole and a durable composite plastic base, which attaches to your car window simply by sliding on. The custom print simply bungees onto the pole, making it easy for your client to switch out prints at their leisure. The base also rotates, allowing for maximum exposure on the open road. 

Like other Bowflag® products, the Car Bowflag® is printed on a knitted polyester fabric that has an excellent through print and high tear resistance. Your client has the choice between single-reverse and double-sided prints, which extend over the pole sleeve, and they can order prints and hardware or just one or the other. Click a product above for more information.

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