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Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are a proven method for increasing brand awareness and promoting marketing messages. You can find adhesive Floor Graphics used in a variety of different ways, whether it’s to promote a new product or promotion, or to advertise a brand or upcoming event. These unique, simple-to-apply adhesive floor hraphics are used in grocery stores, casinos and retail chains and can also be found outside adhered to sidewalks and roadways.

Tex Visions offers two different material options for floor adhesives: Floor Graphic Indoor and Floor Graphic Outdoor. An overview of both materials can be found below, as each material has different features and benefits.

  Indoor Outdoor
Thickness 8mil w/ 6mil liner 16mil w/ 5mil liner
Use Medium-term indoor, short-term outdoor Indoor, outdoor
Life Up to 1-3 months Up to 12 months
Material Base Color White White
Safety Slip-resistant certified, flame retardant Slip-resistant certified
Recommended Uses Tile, carpet, wood, stone, metal, etc. Asphalt, concrete, stone, brick, etc.
Special Features Repositionable Painted-On Look
Rain/Water Resistant No Yes
Maximum Sizes 3.5' x 12.0' 4.0' x 12.0'
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