Product categories
  • Promotional displays for tradeshows, event entrances, and advertisements
  • Custom graphics cover the front or sides of the booth
  • Choose between straight and curved shapes
  • Backlit option available for illuminating the display
  • Available in a range of tabletop and floor sizes
  • Select from regular banners, magnet panels, or SEGs (silicone edge graphics)

Free Shipping • Dye Sublimation or Digital Printing • Design Online • Fast Turnaround • Rush Options • No Hidden Fees

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fabric pop up straight display
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fabric pop up curved display
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backlit fabric pop up curved
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Double Sided Pop Up Display
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What Are Pop Up Displays?

These pop up display booths are the perfect promotional materials for trade show booths, business conferences, store entrances, and other events and locations. The graphics market your company logo, the name of an event, and important information in a way that’s easy to see and read. Our booths are great additions to expos because they make great backgrounds, presentation aids, or tie everything together as a decoration. Businesses typically use these pop up booths to showcase their branding when attending an event to increase their visibility among customers. They also, however, are ideal displays to decorate a lobby, venue entrance, or any other indoor event. The versatility of these booths makes the opportunities endless. Anywhere you want to spread a message or your brand recognition, these booths are the perfect solution.

How to Design Your Pop Up Booth Online

All these displays have completely customizable graphics. The prints can cover the front or the front and sides of the display, so having graphics that catch the eye of passersby is very important. We have three ways for you to personalize your booths so that they do just that.

Online Design Tool: This option is great for those who are both new to the design experience and those very familiar with customization. Our online design suite allows you to create your prints without leaving the site. Upload artwork and logo files onto the template and use our tools, such as text boxes and clipart, to further make your artwork unique.

Upload Artwork Template: If you have more experience creating custom artwork, you probably have a software program that you prefer working in. If this is the case, we have a downloadable artwork template link you can upload onto your computer. When you are finished crafting the template, upload it back onto our site for us to print.

Free Design Services: For those who need help coming up with what to get on their artwork or with the whole design process, we are here to help. Let us know any artwork files you want included with any other specifications and our professional graphic designers will create your template for free. We will send you an artwork proof to go over before we print your booth.

Premium Polyester Material and Reliable Aluminum Frames

These trade show display booths are designed to be used at multiple events or for an extended period thanks to the quality of the materials and construction. For our regular straight and curved booths, we have the option between several polyester materials. Choose either display polyester or premium opaque polyester. Both are perfect for indoor use, but the display polyester is nearly opaque while the premium opaque polyester is completely opaque. The opaque option prevents light from shining through your prints, making them easy to photograph. The backlit options for both the regular and SEG booths just come in a 300D polyester, which is more canvas-like with water-resistant and scratch-proof functions. The non-backlit options for the SEG booths come in either display polyester, premium opaque polyester, or 300D polyester.

The magnet panel print is made from a completely different material. Because it comes with magnetic strips for easy assembly, the print is made from 18mil opaque PVC. This can be used for extended or repeated indoor display, just like with the polyester, except it’s not a fabric. The matte PVC is flexible and tear-resistant so that it will last as long as our fabric options.

The frames are all made from aluminum. No matter what shape you choose or whether you get backlit or non-backlit options, the frames are all made from collapsible aluminum for easy assembly. The hardware is made to last for multiple uses, so you can change out old prints for new prints while using the same frame. Our hardware is stored in a carrying bag that makes it easy to store and prevents it from getting ruined.

Easy Assembly with No Tools Required

All the pop up trade show displays are incredibly easy to assemble thanks to the collapsible hardware and attachable prints. The frames come in a compact size but expand out to their full size and lock into place. This function makes setup and takedown quick. The prints are connected depending on what kind of display you choose. Our regular fabric displays have hook fasteners on the frame that attach to the loop fasteners finished on the print. If, however, you have SEG graphics, this offers a more seamless look. The silicone edging of the print connects to the hardware without any hook and loop fasteners or accessories. The material easily wraps around the hardware without any hassle. Our magnet panel option is assembled just as easily. The magnetic strips finished on the print connect to the aluminum frame. No matter which booth style you choose, assembly will be fast and simple. This comes in handy if you don’t have a lot of setup time.

Choose from Over 6 Types of Pop Up Booths

We offer several types of trade show booth displays to choose from. All our options are made from high-quality materials and hardware and are designed to be easy to setup. There are some differences between the materials, the shapes, and their functions.

Straight Pop Up Displays: This is your standard pop up booth option. The hardware extends to its full size and connects to the print with hook-and-loop fasteners. These booths come in a wide range of sizes for tabletop and floor display. Choose between display polyester and premium opaque polyester fabrics and have the print cover the front or the front and sides of the frame.

Curved Pop Up Displays: These pop ups have the same great functions as the straight version, except they come in a more sleek, noticeable curved shape. This shape easily grabs the attention of passersby. Another difference between the curved option and the straight version is that while the curved option stands out more, it doesn’t come in as many sizes as the straight.

Backlit Pop Up Displays: Just like with the non-backlit option, the backlit booths come in straight and curved shapes so you can choose the one that best compliments your design. The aluminum frame has a backlit function that illuminates your graphics, allowing them to attract even more attention. Our backlit displays come in 300D polyester prints, which are more canvas-like compared to our other polyesters.

SEG Pop Up Displays: The SEG displays come in straight and curved options and regular and backlit versions, but the main difference with the SEG graphics is how they are assembled. These prints were made to attach to the frame even faster and for a more seamless, professional look. The silicone edge graphics connect to the frame without any tools or accessories.

Magnet Panel Pop Up Display: Like the SEG options, our magnet panel pop ups also have fast and easy setup thanks to the magnetic strips on the prints. This allows the graphics to connect to the frame for a sleek look. The main difference with this display is that it does not have polyester fabrics. Instead, it is made from a PVC material that’s designed to be flexible and durable enough for indoor use.

Over 16 Frame Sizes Available to Choose From

Our pop up display booths come in a wide variety of sizes. We offer both sizes that can fit on a table and sizes that extend across the floor. Some of our booth styles are offered more sizes than others. For example, our straight displays come in 2.5ft x 2.5ft to 19.6ft x 7.4ft while our curved comes in 5ft x 5ft to 12.2ft x 7.4ft. Both the regular and SEG pop ups have a large selection of sizes to choose from, while our magnet panel option comes in two large sizes for floor display. Our most common sizes include 9.8ft x 7.4ft, 12.2ft x 7.4ft, and a smaller 7.4ft x 7.4ft. No matter what size you choose, the frame and prints were made to be easily assembled.

When choosing your size, consider where you will be placing your booth. If you would like to put it on top of a table or other furniture, go with our smaller sizes. These sizes are great as visuals during presentations or in trade show booths with limited small. If, however, you are looking for something to use as the background of your trade show booth or to capture people’s attention when they enter a room, go with our larger floor-sized options or our magnet panel. Both tabletop and floor sized displays have collapsible frames for quick setups that can be done by one or two people.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get my trade show display booths?

The arrival of your pop up booth displays depends on when we get your final approval of the graphics. Once the artwork template is approved, we begin printing your booths. We require a 3 day turnaround time. Once we are done printing your graphics, they are ready to ship. Your shipping times depend on where we will be sending the displays. If you are looking for faster production and shipping rates, we have rush options available. See what options we have for you when checking out.

How much do these displays cost?

The cost typically depends on the size of the display and what style booth you choose. For example, our backlit options cost more than our regular, non-backlit displays and our SEG options and magnet panel booths typically cost more than our regular fabric pop ups. Our regular straight or curved option can cost between $219.59 to $2,492.39 depending on whether you get sides or not and what type of polyester you choose. A backlit option, on the other hand, can cost between $477.59 to $4,592.39. These prices would be higher for our SEG options.

What you won’t be charged on is how many colors you use or how detailed your artwork is. Incorporate as many colors and details as you want into your template without it affecting the price. This is because we use full CMYK color printing. Because we don’t charge extra for color printing, you are able to see how much your booth will cost in real-time when configuring your product. If you are interested in how much your order will cost, configure what you need in the product configurator to see the price.

How do I choose between the materials?

Our non-backlit options have the choice between display polyester and premium opaque polyester while our SEG options have display polyester, premium opaque polyester, and 300D polyester. How do you choose between these materials? Consider if you will be taking pictures of your backdrop. If these pop ups will be used as the background for pictures, go with the opaque option. This will prevent light from shining through the display, making it look better in pictures. If this isn’t a concern to you, our display polyester costs less than the premium option, saving you money. If you are buying SEGs, the 300D polyester is more canvas-like compared to our other polyester options. This also gives it water-resistant and scratch-proof functions, which come in handy if you are setting up your display over a long period of time.

What kind of printing do you use?

For our polyester displays, we use a dye sublimation printing technique. This is a state-of-the-art printing process that ingrains the ink into the fabric rather than over the material, preventing it from scratching or peeling off the fabric. This also makes it easy to clean and allows the print to last a long time, for multiple uses. Our PVC material for our magnet panel pop ups uses digital printing, which is a high-quality printing method that results in vibrant, eye-catching colors that will not fade or peel off. This is the same kind of printing we use for our yard signs.

What’s the difference between SEG pop ups and regular booths?

The main difference between our SEG displays and our regular pop ups is how the prints attach to the hardware. The regular booths are connected using hook-and-loop fasteners. The print is finished with loop fasteners while the hardware has hook fasteners for simple attachment. The SEG option offers a more seamless appearance because the graphics connect to the hardware using silicone edge extrusions. The banner wrap easily forms around the frame and remains in place without any tools or accessories. This also makes setup easy, but often looks nicer when setup compared to our regular version.

Where can these products be used?

These booths can be displayed wherever there is a message that needs to be shared or by businesses wanting to increase their brand recognition. You typically see these kinds of displays at the entrance of an event promoting the name and dates, in a trade show booth printed with the logo or slogan of a company, or at the entrance of a store or lobby to showcase a sale or grand opening. These pop up trade show booths can be used anywhere indoors and are a great way to spread important information or advertise a company’s logo.