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Custom Table Runners

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  • 5 standard table runner sizes available 
  • Dye-sublimated printed for spectacular, vivid, color reproduction
  • Select from With Back (with a 7in overhang) or No Back table coverage
  • Available in full or area logo print with multiple materials
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning and upkeep
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About Our Custom Table Runners

Spruce up your trade show table display by adding a custom table runner. These table runners are designed to add an extra splash of design to an event table at a trade show, conference, lobby, etc. Customize these runners with unique artwork to showcase your business logo, event name, company slogan, or more to grab the attention of passersby and potential customers. Display these table runners on top of an empty event table or over a stock color or custom table cover to further personalize your booth at a trade show. Choose from several sizes so that your table runner fits perfectly over your table. You can also choose between with back or without back coverage, stain-resistant material, and a fully customizable print or one that shows off your logo. We will print your design using a modern dye sublimation technique for long-lasting, eye-popping graphics. Create a stunning design for your table runners that will spread brand awareness at all your upcoming events.


  • Custom print

Print Size

  • With Back Coverage
    • 24.0" x 88.0" (Optional imprint area: 18.0" x 21.0")
    • 36.0" x 88.0" (Optional imprint area: 30.0" x 21.0")
    • 48.0" x 88.0" (Optional imprint area: 42.0" x 21.0")
    • 60.0" x 88.0" (Optional imprint area: 54.0" x 21.0")
    • 72.0" x 88.0" (Optional imprint area: 66.0" x 21.0")
  • No Back Coverage
    • 24.0" x 66.0" (Optional imprint area: 18.0" x 21.0")
    • 36.0" x 66.0" (Optional imprint area: 30.0" x 21.0")
    • 48.0" x 66.0" (Optional imprint area: 42.0" x 21.0")
    • 60.0" x 66.0" (Optional imprint area: 54.0" x 21.0")
    • 72.0" x 66.0" (Optional imprint area: 66.0" x 21.0")

Coverage Options

  • With Back
  • No Back (Includes 7" overhang in the back)


  • Display Polyester: Nearly opaque knitted fabric, 6.10oz/yd² (flame-retardant)
  • Stain-Resistant - 300D Polyester: Water-resistant & scratch-proof fabric, 6.00oz/yd² (flame-retardant)

Layout & Finishing

  • Single-reverse: Hemmed sides

Care & Cleaning

  • Wipe with damp cloth immediately after spills. For tough stains, wash product on gentle cycle with cold water using mild, color-safe washing detergent and a color catcher. After, allow product to air dry to avoid shrinking.

Designing Your Custom Table Runners Online

Customize your printed table runners using one of our three design methods. We’ve made personalizing your table runner easy by accommodating all levels of design expertise and preferences. Each method receives an artwork proof via email for your approval before we produce your order.

Online Design Tool: Customize table runners in real time without leaving the site using our design tool. This design suite allows you to upload artwork and logo files onto the template and further personalize the print using such tools as text boxes, colors, clipart, and more.

Upload Artwork Template: Create your branded table runner artwork using your own design software by downloading the template. Click on the template link to download the file onto your computer. Once you are done customizing your artwork, upload the template back onto the site for us to print.

Free Design Services: Have one of our professional graphic designers personalize the artwork for you using our free design services. Let us know any files you want included or instructions you have, and we’ll create your artwork for free.

Stand Out At Your Next Show or Event

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Simple Design Process Simple Design Process

We offer three design methods to choose from: Online Design Tool, Upload Artwork Template, and Free Design Services. Each method is risk free and includes a free proof.

Choose Your Material Choose Your Material

Select between Display Polyester or 300D Polyester. Both materials are durable and flame-retardant, with 300D polyester also being stain-resistant.

High-Quality Graphics High-Quality Graphics

We print our table runners using dye sublimation, a premium printing technique that produces brilliant, full-color graphics that are scratch and fade-resistant.

Coverage Options Coverage Options

We offer our custom table runners with back coverage or no back coverage. Each coverage option can be beneficial for certain applications.

Reusable and Easy to Maintain Reusable and Easy to Maintain

Our runners are machine washable, making them easy to clean and maintain. Maintenance keeps the runners in pristine condition and ready for the next show.

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What Is a Table Runner?

A custom table runner is a piece of cloth that hangs over the middle of a table. A custom table runner with logo can go over an empty table or, more commonly, over a full tablecloth that is a solid color or custom printed with your company’s branding. By adding a table runner to your table display, you are ensuring that the custom print of the business table runner stands out more. If you get your table runner printed with your business logo, more people will notice it when paired with a contrasting tablecloth underneath. Personalized table runners also cost less than full custom printed table covers, they also fit over a wider range of tables since they cover the middle rather than the whole table.

All Over Print vs. Area Imprint

What is the difference between all over print and area imprint? The all over print option allows you to customize the entire table runner with your design while the area imprint allows you to personalize certain sections. If you have a large design, complete with a logo and background artwork, the all over print is the best option. If, on the other hand, you are planning on creating artwork that just shows off your logo, the area imprint works best. The area imprint template outlines where you can add your logo. You can also choose one of our background colors for your logo table runner so that it coordinates with the graphics. Think about whether you want a more intricate, busy design or artwork that shows off your logo when selecting either all over print or area imprint layouts.

Wide Range of Sizes

Our custom table runners come in several sizes to suit all kinds of tables. Choose between getting a thinner size that just covers the middle of the table, or a wider option so your artwork expands across more of the table. Our standard sizes come between 24in x 66in and 72in x 66in. If, however, you need a different size than what we offer, call or email customer service at 877-503-5247 or for custom sizes. Make sure to measure your table beforehand to see what size you would prefer before ordering your table runner banner.

Stain-Resistant Options

Our table runners for trade shows come in two materials, one is stain-resistant, and one is not. The non-stain-resistant option is our display polyester, which is our standard fabric for custom tablecloths. This material is nearly opaque, flame-retardant, and knitted to perfectly suit indoor use. Our stain-resistant option is a 300D polyester, which is also more durable due to its water-resistant and scratch-proof functionality. This fabric is more canvas like and is the same material we use for our tent canopies. This means you can use the stain-resistant option outdoors without the material getting ruined. If you spill something on the custom table runner, just wipe it off and don’t worry about the runner or your artwork getting stained.

table runner sizes

Care & Cleaning

No matter what material you choose, we recommend cleaning our custom made table runners the same way. While our runners are designed to last, precautions also need to be taken when cleaning. These fabrics can go in a washing machine, but we recommend using a delicate setting and cold water. Do not bleach your table runner. When you are finished washing the runner, hang it to dry rather than placing it in a dryer. This will prevent the material from shrinking. When storing your runner, fold or roll the material and keep it in a bin so it will not get damaged. We recommend keeping your runner in a closet or a basement when not in use.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the turnaround time for the table runners?

The turnaround time for our custom table runners with logo is 3 business days. Because they are custom products, we require 3 days-time to print the runner before shipping it. If you need your runner faster than our standard time, view what rush production and shipping options are available for you during check out.

What’s the difference between “No Back” and “With Back” coverage options?

We have the option between a table runner with a back and without a back. The “No Back” option will just have the front be fully customizable while the “With Back” allows you to personalize both sides. The “No Back” option is great for when you need extra leg room or easy access to items stored underneath the table. The “With Back” option is best for when your table display will be visible in all directions, and you want maximum brand exposure.

How do I choose between all over print and area imprint?

Think about what kind of design you want. If you plan on having your custom design span across the entire table runner, choose the all over print option. If, on the other hand, you want to mainly focus on your table runner logo, we recommend the area imprint layout. The all over print allows you to fully personalize the table runner while the area imprint allows you to customize specified sections of the template. You will be able to add a background color to the business logo table runner so you can coordinate it with your design.

Can I get my runner in a custom size? What standard sizes do you have?

Yes, contact customer service for custom table runner banner sizes. Contact by phone at 877-503-5247 or by email at We have 5 standard sizes, ranging from 24in x 66in to 72in x 66in with no back and 24in x 88in to 72in x 88in with a back. These are common sizes for table runners.

What size tables do these fit?

Our table runners are designed to fit on a wide range of tables since they mostly cover the middle. We do, however, suggest placing the runners on tables with at least a 2.5ft height and width so your runners look their best.

Can I get different designs on each side?

Yes, if you are getting back coverage, both sides can be customized with a different design. Our template allows you to add different designs on each side, no matter if you are choosing all over print or area imprint.

What is the difference between a custom tablecloth and a custom table runner?

A custom tablecloth is designed to fit over an entire table while a table runner goes over a section of the table, usually the middle. Because table runners are not as big as full tablecloths, they are often less expensive. They are also great advertising tools for when you want to showcase your business logo because they will highlight the design more than a long table cover. Custom tablecloths and personalized table runners can be paired for creating a colorful, eye-catching table display.

Materials & Durability

What material are these runners made from?

Our customized table runners are made from polyester materials. Choose between the indoor display polyester, which is the same fabric we use for our other tablecloths, or the outdoor-tested 300D polyester, which is the same material as our tent canopies. The display polyester is a nearly opaque, knitted fabric while the 300D polyester is stain-resistant, water-resistant, and scratch-proof for more durability. Both polyester materials are easy to print on. We use a dye sublimation printing technique for stunning, full colors that will not scratch or peel off the fabric. This is because the ink is ingrained into the polyester rather than printed on top.

Will the fabric tear after multiple uses?

Both of our custom printed table runner fabrics are designed for extended and repeated use. This is because we hem the sides so that they don’t tear. If you need to clean your table runners with logo, though, we suggest taking extra precautions to ensure a longer life for your table runner. Wash it in cold water on a gentle cycle and air dry rather than machine dry.

Can I use these runners outdoors? Will the material or print get ruined?

Yes, our customizable table runners can be used outdoors. Both materials can handle outdoor display, but our 300D polyester is the preferred option because it’s stain-resistant, water-resistant, and scratch-proof to handle more of the elements. When it comes to both our materials, however, we would not recommend displaying them in harsh outdoor conditions, such as heavy wind.

How should I store my custom logo table runner?

We recommend storing your trade show table runner where it will not get damaged, such as a closet, attic, or basement. When keeping your runner in storage, place it in a container to prevent it from getting damaged by other items. When placing your runner in the container, either fold or roll up the fabric.

Will my custom table runner fall off the table when displayed?

Your runner should stay firmly in place when on top of a table. This is because the items on top of the table runner, such as product displays or company literature, should prevent the runner from moving.

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