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Snap frames are a modern, economical and durable innovation in sign technology. They enable your client to quickly and conveniently change the advertising print by clicking the frame open, changing the print and then simply clicking the snap frame shut. If your client is looking for a wall mounted frame display system, Tex Visions has both portrait and landscape shape snap frames. Both of these styles provide an easy and sophisticated way for your client to advertise a sale or product presentation. They can be used as the center piece of a marketing or promotional campaign, or they can be integrated with ongoing promotional efforts. Our frames are made with 1.5” thick aluminum sides, and include an anti-glare protective covering suitable for indoor or outdoor advertising. The protective covering increases the longevity of the advertising print and provides a greater ROI for your client. 

Snap frames are suitable for all types of advertising or promotions. They can be used to display a restaurant menu, new product presentations, or draw attention to point of sale purchases. The Free-Standing Q-Frame Tex50 – Portrait is a snap frame that takes your advertising print off the wall and into the crowd by using it as a sidewalk display. It is a unique and customizable advertising product that will provide your client many options. Regardless of the size or model, Tex Visions uses high-quality and durable materials to construct your client’s advertising products.

Using the Snap Frame system is a quick, sophisticated way for your clients to advertise. Prints snap securely into the frame, making this system easy to setup. For all Snap Frames, there is a protective anti-glare cover that helps ensure a longer print life. The Snap Frame system is a modern and economical advertising product that fits into any marketing budget.

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