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Plus Full Imprint Canopy & Walls 20' x 20'

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  • Our largest tent with a 400 square feet of inside area
  • Features commercial-grade aluminum tent frame
  • Custom design is printed across the entire canopy
  • Graphics are printed on flame-retardant and waterproof coated polyester
  • Walls come in a variety of options including single-sided, double-sided, and stock colors

About Our Plus Full Imprint Canopy & Walls 20' x 20'

Plus Tent Frame

  • Collapsible, commercial-grade aluminum tent frame with hexagonal legs and rooftop crank adjustment
  • Frame Color: Silver
  • Maximum Clearance: 84.0"
  • Leg Diameter: 1.6"
  • Leg Thickness: 0.05"


  • Custom print
  • (2) 10' x 20' tent frames
  • (6) Connector sets, each with 2 clamps and metal connectors
  • Peak pole with connectors


  • Suntex FR: 300D polyester fabric that is water and scratch-proof (flame-retardant)
  • Stock Color Tent Material: 450D polyester fabric with polyurethane coating, water pressure rating 1000mm (Stock color walls only)

Layout & Finishing

  • Canopy: Multiple panels and reinforcement strips sewn together to fit frame
  • Walls: Vary by selection, configure product to see more details

Canopy Size

  • 20.5' x 20.0'

Full Wall Size

  • Custom Printed 20.5' Side: 19.9' x 6.5'
  • Custom Printed 20.0' Side: 19.6' x 6.5'
  • Stock Color 20.0' Side: 20.0' x 6.8'

Half Wall Size

  • Custom Printed: (2) 10.0' x 2.7'
  • Stock Color: (2) 10.0' x 3.0'

Display Size

  • 20.0' x 9.8'-10.8' x 19.7'


  • 141.0lb

Part Number

  • HM_TS_011

20x20 tent sketch with dimension information


We recommend the following accessories for your product:

Travel Case w/ Wheels for 20' Basic/Plus Tent


  • Use to transport 10' x 20' Advertising Tent Basic Tent Frames as well as 10' x 20' Advertising Tent Plus Frames
  • Travel case is made of durable polyester and is black in color
  • Handles and wheels allow your client to move the bag with ease
  • Snap closures secure the frame and bag features a large exterior pouch to hold any extra items your client may have
  • Lightweight case makes it manageable for your client to travel with the Advertising Tent frame

1 pc $ 54.94 ea
Hard Trolley Case 64" x 14" x 10"
Hard Trolley Case 64" x 14" x 10"


  • Use to transport large displays to your next event or trade show
  • Sturdy plastic case perfectly fits 10’ x 10’ tent frames
  • Also supports larger displays like pop up booths and podiums
  • Features interior hook-and-loop fastener for extra support
  • Wheels allow for fast accessibility to the next show or event
  • Not intended for shipping items without proper packaging

1 pc $ 299.99 ea
Flight Case 63" x 20" x 16"


  • Constructed from fireproof, reinforced aluminum with plastic wood surface
  • Stays safely secure with sets of metal locks on exterior
  • Strong and sturdy - able to hold up to 200lb
  • Padded foam interior provides cushion for items inside
  • Do not use for shipping, product intended for transportation only

1 pc $ 447.63 ea
Tent Stake 12" Kit Premium
Tent Stake 12" Kit Premium


  • Kit includes 4 heavy duty tent stakes, 4 nylon webbing sections with carabiner and fastener and a storage bag
  • Heavy-duty stakes measure 12" and provide extra security
  • Your client will want to have this kit with them for those days when the wind is howling more than usual

1 pc $ 19.92 ea
Tent Stake 16" Kit Premium
Tent Stake 16" Kit Premium


  • Kit includes 4 heavy-duty tent stakes, 4 nylon webbing rope sections and a 2 storage bags
  • Heavy-duty stakes measure 16" and provide extra security
  • Secure ropes to D-rings on an advertising tent via carabiner
  • Your client will want to have this kit with them for those days when the wind is howling more than usual

1 pc $ 28.27 ea
Sand Bag Weight Large
Sand Bag Weight 50lb


  • Adds 50lb to each tent leg when filled with sand
  • Buckles clasp firmly to tent leg to provide extra support
  • Collapsible bags result in economical shipping and easy transport to your next event

1 pc $ 18.56 ea
Sand Bag Weight
Sand Bag Weight 24lb


  • Adds 24lb of weight to each tent frame leg
  • Containers securely wrap around tent leg to provide extra stability to your tent
  • Two zipper-shut containers fill with sand

1 pc $ 13.60 ea
Steel Weight Plate 11lb
Steel Weight Plate 11lb


  • Black powder-coated steel weight
  • Can be used with compact, economy, basic, plus and plus hex pavilion tents (does not fit premium tent frames)
  • Measures approximately 8" x 8"
  • Includes cut-out handle for easy transportation
  • Multiple plates can be stacked for additional weight support on windy days

1 pc $ 19.89 ea
Steel Weight Plate 22lb
Steel Weight Plate 22lb


  • Powder-coated black steel weight
  • Use with all of our tent models
  • Cut-out handles allow for easy transportation
  • Puzzle design fits around legs and keeps tent secure

1 pc $ 31.62 ea
Steel Weight Plate 44lb
Steel Weight Plate 44lb


  • Black, powder-coated steel weight
  • Can be used with all tent models
  • Includes cut-out handles for easy transportation
  • Plate features puzzle structure to fit around tent leg and remain secure

1 pc $ 61.28 ea
Advertising Tent 90° Corner Clamp
Basic/Plus 90° Corner Clamp


  • Keeps your half walls at even heights
  • Simply slide the clamp up the leg to the desired height then place
  • Made from durable fiberglass-reinforced plastic
  • Use with our basic or plus tent frames

1 pc $ 12.00 ea
Tent Gutter

  • Rain gutter attaches between two tent canopies
  • White color
  • Made of weather-resistant vinyl material
  • Choose from 10', 13', 15', and 20' size options
  • Use with Advertising Tent Compact, Economy, Basic, Plus and Premium
  • Attaches to tent valance with loop adhesive

1 pc $ 25.20 ea
Includes 156 Advertising Tent Floor Tiles, 50 Tent Floor Tile Bevels and 4 Tent Floor Tile Corners.
Flooring for Advertising Tent 20' x 20'


  • Tent flooring made from durable polypropylene
  • Easily sets up in under 25 minutes
  • Products are slip, UV and weather-resistant and freeze proof
  • Recommended for setup on level surfaces without high grass or vegetation
  • Supports cars and pickup trucks on even surfaces

1 pc $ 2646.07 ea
Gray aluminum LED light with attachment bracket.
30W Silver LED Flood Light with Bracket


  • Versatile flood light that can be attached to posts or placed by itself utilizing its tiltable frame
  • Energy-saving 30W white light (6400K) with 2700lm light intensity
  • Features Bridgelux high-performance chip, which means minimal power consumption with higher light output
  • Included bracket and screw set makes it easy to attach to your tent canopy post

1 pc $ 34.16 ea
Gray aluminum RGB LED flood light with attachment bracket.
30W Silver RGB LED Flood Light with Bracket


  • Versatile flood light can be set up to utilize its tiltable frame
  • Energy-saving 30W LED RGB light with special effects
  • Choose between several colors and light modes using included remote
  • Features Bridgelux high-performance chip for minimal power consumption with higher light output
  • Included assembly hardware makes it easy to attach to your tent canopy post

1 pc $ 49.71 ea

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