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10x10 Canopy Tents

Shopping for a 10x10 canopy tent for your next event? Tex Visions offers 10x10 pop up tents in an array styles so you can find the perfect tent for your application. All canopies are printed on premium coated polyester using dye sublimation for a full-color, fade-resistant finish that is sure to draw attention. We carry an array of wall options, add-ons, and accessories so you can tailor the canopy exactly to your brand. Tex Visions' canopy tents are designed to get you noticed! Choose a style below to start your order.

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All Over Print Canopy & Walls 10' x 10'
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1 pc $874.79 ea
Logo Print Canopy & Walls 10' x 10' 17 Color Icon for Tents/Tablecloths
1 pc $861.58 ea
Canopy shown here with one full wall and two half walls 5 Color Icon for Stock Tents
0 Reviews
1 pc $430.80 ea
Stock Color Air Tent 10' x 10' with optional walls 2 Color Icon for Tent Liner
0 Reviews
1 pc $1,495.20 ea
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1 pc $175.45 ea

Promote Your Business with 10x10 Canopy Tents

Spread brand awareness at your next business event with a 10x10 pop up tent. These tents are the perfect size to suit all kinds of locations, such as sidewalks, event expos, and at a street fair. Despite their large 10x10 size, our tents are designed to be compatible. All frames come in a compact size for storage and travel, but extend out to their full size with ease. The canopies are large enough to be seen by passersby and potential customers from a distance. Adding your logo to one of our canopies will get your brand noticed by people and makes it easier to grab their attention, even from far away. We offer 10x10 tents in a variety of styles, such as all over print where the entire canopy is printed and logo print where certain areas are printed with the logo. We also have economic stock color tents and uniquely shaped pavilion and air tents to get your brand noticed. Choose from a variety of add-ons, such as stock and custom printed walls, stabilizing bases, and carry bags so you have everything you need for a complete, branded tent set.

How to Design Your 10x10 Canopy Tents Online

Some of our 10x10 canopies are customizable. If you choose one of our custom tents, there are three ways for you to personalize the canopy:

Design Online Tool: Create your artwork in real time using our online design suite. This design tool allows you to upload graphics and logo files onto the template and further personalize your canopy with such tools as textboxes, clipart, colors, and more.

Upload Artwork Template: Use a separate software program to customize your tent canopy by downloading our artwork template. Click on the downloadable template link to upload the file onto your computer. When you are done creating your design, upload the file back onto our site.

Free Design Services: Have one of our professional graphic designers create your artwork for free with our design services. Let us know what you want included on your tent canopy and our design team will personalize your template. You will receive an artwork proof to review before we print your tent.

High Quality 10x10 Canopy Materials

Our canopies and tent frames are made from durable materials to withstand extended and repeated use. Our custom canopies are made from either 300D or 600D polyester. Both materials are canvas-like to hold up in different kinds of weather, but the 600D option is the more premium of the two while the 300D version is more economic. Our stock color canopies and walls are made from 450D polyester, which has a strong polyurethane coating to protect it. We also use a high-quality printing technique so that your artwork will not scratch or peel off the material. Our dye sublimation printing process infuses the ink into the fabric rather than recreating the image on top of the material. This prevents the design from getting ruined in the elements.

Our 10 x 10 tents come in several frame models. Depending on which tent you choose, we have Economy, Basic, and Plus models to choose from. The Economy and Basic options are made from steel hardware while the Plus model is made from a rust-resistant aluminum material. Our Economy frames have square tents to stabilize the tent while our Basic and Plus versions have supportive hexagonal legs and an adjustable rooftop crank. Despite being made from heavy-duty materials, all hardware is lightweight so the frame can be easily carried from one location to another.

Easy to Setup 10x10 Tent Hardware

No matter what tent you choose, all our tents can be easily installed in a few minutes. All 10 x 10 pop up tents have a collapsible tent frame. When the frame is pulled out, it extends to its full size and locks into place. There are push levers on the legs for adjusting the height and hook-and-loop fasteners on the canopy for attaching it to the frame. For further stability, weights and stakes can be easily added to the set. Other add-ons and accessories can make the tent more personalized. The print of our air tents connect to the inflatable frame using a zipper closure. A manual or electric air pump can be added to the order for inflating the entire display. If you need help assembling the tents, view our step-by-step instructional demos in the “Videos” tab on the product pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the turnaround time?

If you are getting a custom printed tent, the standard turnaround time is only 3 business days. Our stock options ship faster. If you need your product quicker than our standard production and shipping times, view what rush rates are available for you when checking out or look at our “Delivery Estimator”.

Where are pop up tents used for?

Pop up canopy tents are usually setup at business or local events. This is because they provide shelter for the people underneath, but also spread brand awareness for businesses and organizations with the custom printed canopy. Potential customers will become familiar with your logo and what you sell when you advertise with a 10 x 10 tent canopy at heavily attended events. These can include sports games, town fairs, industry trade shows, farmers markets, and more.

How do I design the tent canopies?

We have three ways of designing our 10 x 10 canopy tents. You can either use our online design tool so you don’t have to leave our site, download our artwork template to use design software, or have one of our graphic designers personalize your artwork for free. All our design processes include an artwork proof for you to approve before we print your tents.

What’s the difference between all over print and logo print tents?

The all over print option will have the entire canopy customized with the design while the logo print tents have specified sections of the canopy and valances printed with your artwork. The all over print version is great if you have a background design while the logo option is best if you mainly want to showcase your business logo. For the logo option, you can choose a background color to complement your graphics.

What kind of printing is done on the canopy?

The 10x10 tent canopy is printed using a modern dye sublimation printing process. This means that the ink is ingrained into the material to prevent the print from scratching or peeling off, even in outdoor weather. This allows the print to hold up better compared to other, lesser printing techniques. We also use full CMYK color, which allows you to incorporate as many colors and details as you want into your artwork without it affecting the price of your tent.

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