Backdrops & Pop Ups

Backdrops & Pop Ups are a popular way of advertising without a lot of effort. They grab attention at any event and are commonly used at trade shows to create a polished look for any booth. All Backdrops & Pop Ups are constructed of aluminum, making them lightweight and ideal for traveling.

Our Adjustable Backdrop is an essential banner stand that is designed to fit a 10' x 10' trade show booth. Thanks to the telescoping vertical and horizontal poles, your client can create numerous display sizes with the same hardware. This backdrop is ideal for step-and-repeat banner graphics.

The Pop Up product line features 8 sizes with criss cross frames that can be setup in seconds. The frame uses hook-and-loop adhesive to secure the print, and can be collapsed into the included carrying case with the print intact. LED or Halogen lights can be mounted to any Pop Up frame.

Our Display Wall backdrop uses snap and click poles to create a customizable backdrop. This type of display requires bases for either indoor use or temporary outdoor use. A single-reverse or double-sided print is available and can either leave open space at the bottom of the frame or go straight to the floor. A common use for this backdrop, other than at a red carpet event, is as a stylish room divider.

The "frameless" free-standing Q-Frame® Tex products are double-sided displays that allow your clients to remove and replace each print separately. With the use of Keder, the print can be removed and replaced by simply inserting the Keder into the groove around the outside of the aluminum frame. Feet are added to make this frame stand on flat, even surfaces. Creating a 3D effect is also possible if the correct materials are chosen.