Davos Wooden Sleds with Custom Prints

Do you need to attract attention? For something that's exclusive to Tex Visions, we suggest an original Davos sled! Our Davos sleds are devised from the world famous Davos sled style, but are made for advertising purposes due to the custom printed vinyl mesh or standard vinyl seat. You can place your logo or any other designs you want for a most appealing look that's sure to project from the crowd.

This toboggin is designed like an antique and is ideal for winter tradeshows or sales events. It is especially effective for skiing locations.

Constructed from strong wood and made stable with the conserving lacquer and powder layer, our Davos and Horn Davos sleds will last season after season, year after year. Take advantage of our printing opportunities and layout tools so that you can get the best looking print to be stapled onto the wooden sled. For something distinct from competitors, our Davos sled is one-of-a-kind and will protrude from a crowd of competitors.

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