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Portrait Flags Double-Sided

Portrait Flags Double-Sided are offered in standard and custom sizes and can show up to two different images.

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Portrait Flags Double-Sided are a classic form of advertising. These flags are custom printed in eight standard sizes from 2.0’ x 4.0’ to 3.0' x 10.0’. Custom sizes are also available up to 98.0” x 236.0”. This particular model is printed in portrait format and finished in a double-sided layout with up to two different images for twice the impact. Double-sided prints are usually finished top stitch style with a blocking inner liner in addition to header tape and grommets on the left side, but additional finishing options are available if desired. Mounting our Portrait Flags Double-Sided is a simple process that only takes a few minutes, depending on where it is displayed. Because these prints are lightweight, your client can fold them up for storage and transport. Portrait Flags Double-Sided can be used both indoors and outdoors to direct visitors to event parking or to promote a new eco-friendly product line.


Size (width x height)
  • 2.0' x 4.0'
  • 2.0’ x 8.0’
  • 2.0’ x 12.0’
  • 2.5’ x 5.0’
  • 2.5’ x 10.0’
  • 3.0’ x 5.0’
  • 3.0’ x 8.0’
  • 3.0’ x 10.0’
  • Custom size


  • Multiflag® - Knitted polyester fabric with excellent through print and high resistance to tearing

Layout & Finishing

  • Double-Sided - Two prints sewn together with a blocking inner liner, hemmed sides, left side with header tape and brass grommets approx. every 3.0', minimum of 2
  • Double-Sided - Two prints sewn together with a blocking inner liner, hemmed sides, left side with header tape wrapped into printed flag material and brass grommets approx. every 3.0', minimum of 2
  • Double-Sided - Two prints sewn together with a blocking inner liner, hemmed sides, left side with 1.5” flat laid pole sleeve, closed at top, grommet in lower left corner
  • Double-Sided - Two prints sewn together with a blocking inner liner, hemmed sides, left side with 3.0” flat laid pole sleeve, closed at top, grommet in lower left corner




Flag dimensions for double-sided portrait custom printed flags

Portrait Flags Double-Sided are a versatile and highly customizable advertising tool. Your client’s custom print comes on our proven flag fabric. This model’s double-sided layout gives your client the flexibility of displaying the same image on both sides or a different image on each side for more exposure. Some finishing options include header tape and grommets on the print’s left side or your client can have their print finished with plastic snap hooks, pole sleeves, or polyester cord loops. We recommend displaying these prints outdoors for full visibility, but banner arm hardware can ensure full visibility indoors. We offer several different print styles from which your client can choose, such as Portrait Flags Single-Reverse, Landscape Flags Single-Reverse, and Landscape Flags Double-Sided. Your client can also purchase hardware for their print separately if needed.


We recommend the following accessories for your product:

The Flag Weight can be used with a flag to provide weight and prevent bunching on windy days.
Flag Weight


Our Flag Weight is an optional accessory for use with flags mounted to a flagpole. This weight bag is made of canvas and features a ring at the top so it can be secured. Regularly used with a Spring Snap, the Flag Weight hangs from the bottom grommet or Flag Ring to apply almost 1.0lb of weight to the mounted custom print. The Flag Weight is used to prevent your client’s custom print from sliding up the flagpole on a windy day, allowing it to remain fully visible. Since the Flag Weight is made of canvas, there is no loud noise when it hits the flagpole as it moves with the wind, a common annoyance with other Flag Weights.

1 pc $ 7.46 ea
The Flag Ring is constructed of clear plastic and secures tightly around a flagpole.
Flag Ring


The Flag Ring is an optional accessory for securing flags to a flagpole. This clear plastic ring measures 21.5” and passes through the grommet or Metal D-Ring on a flag and joins together around a flagpole. The benefit of using the Flag Ring is your client’s flag will remain more visible in the wind. Especially great for portrait flags or flags with more than two grommets, the Flag Ring holds the flag close to the flagpole while the fly end of the flag can move freely. The Flag Ring is recommended for use with flagpoles 4.0” in diameter or less and requires no tools for assembly. A Flag Weight can be paired with the Flag Ring for even more support.

1 pc $ 2.62 ea
Spring Snap
Spring Snap


1 pc $ 0.72 ea

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