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Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is a dynamic way for your clients to reach a large number of potential customers. Depending on your client's target audience, outdoor advertising may be the most effective way to promote their business. However, your clients not only need the right venue, but they also need the right advertising product to increase brand recognition and expand their customer base.  The banner, flag, or other product your client chooses will be the first impression many potential customers have for their business. Outdoor advertising venues include sporting events, street fairs, concerts, community festivals, outdoor product presentations, and directional signage to name a few. In the summer, there are many outdoor advertising opportunities available for your clients and promoting their product with a professional marketing tool is a necessity to take advantage of outdoor crowds.  Also, the advertising flags and banners can be combined with different bases and be used indoors during inclement weather. 

Tex Visions has a wide variety of advertising products available that are perfect for advertising outdoors. We have high quality and durable Bowflag advertising banners and flags. In addition, we also have a variety of feather flags, swooper banners, backpack advertising, and walking billboards that enable your clients to advertise outside where potential customers are located. Our advertising flags and banners have interchangeable hardware that reduces the cost of replacement because your client can choose a new banner, that is the same size, and re-use their existing hardware.

Bowflag® Flying Set
Roll Up Outdoor Double-Sided w/ Feet
Portable Billboard A Sign
Standard Table Cover w/ Full Imprint
Hex Pavilion Full Imprint Canopy & Walls 13' x 13'
Backpack Walking Bowflag® Flying
Bowflag® Drop Set
Bowflag® Shield Set
Bowflag® Razor Set in Stock Colors
Roll Up Outdoor Double-Sided w/ Water Base
T-Pole® Basic Single Arm
Snap Frame A Sign 16.5" x 23.4"
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Outdoor Advertising Flags and Banners

In addition to traditionally sized outdoor advertising flags and banners, Tex Visions can print custom sized advertising products for your clients. These can be large images that are printed on a wide variety of fabrics including vinyl fabrics, mesh weave fabric, and flame resistant fiberglass fabric. In the alternative, we also have custom printed banners that are small enough to work on a table for things like ticket collection or an informational booth. If your client is planning to use a street banner for outdoor advertising, we recommend selecting a laminate fabric to withstand the elements and remain colorful and crisp. Large image advertising products are effective advertising at the point of sale, on facades or scaffoldings, to advertise events, as attractive decorations for ceilings and walls, or as an impressive decorative element for a tradeshow display. We have various standard and custom frame systems to hang your client's small to large custom outdoor advertising banner. 

Outdoor advertising is not only effective at formal events like tradeshows and conferences but at informal places like the beach or boardwalk. Have you ever been to the beach and seen feather flags or swooper banners at various locations around the shore? The unique action of these flags draws attention away from the crowds of people and focuses it on your client's product or event. Our feather flags by Bowflag stand tall above the crowd and let people see where you are from far distances. They are great for a beach tournament, product presentations, or just letting your friends know where you are. 

Sidewalk Outdoor Advertising 

Outdoor advertising products can also be used on the sidewalk outside of your client's establishment to entice a passerby to stop in and sample a new product or pick up some literature about a service your client offers. Tex Visions has several models of Snap Frame signs that are an updated version of the classic sandwich board advertising signs.  These signs are both functional and economical because they can easily be folded up and moved to a new location and provide two surfaces on which your client can advertise two distinct messages at one time. In the alternative, they can place the same message on both sides of the board and extend their customer reach by engaging potential customers from both directions. Contact Tex Visions and let us assist you in purchasing the right advertising product for your client.

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