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A Guide to Prolonging Your Flag’s Lifespan

A Guide to Prolonging Your Flag’s Lifespan

While a promotional flag from Tex Visions is a great way for your clients to get attention at trade shows and events, not many people know how to take care of them. Knowing how to properly take care of a flag will not only help your clients increase the longevity of their flags, but also help them maximize their return on investment.


What factors affect the lifespan of my flag?


In order to help our customers figure out how they can expand the lifespan of their flags, we’ve performed a couple flag weather tests with our printed flags. The bluescale (DIN 53387) test helps figure out a general assessment of both the material and the inks used in our flags. Here’s what we found out based on our bluescale tests.


Lightfastness (according to bluescale)



Hours of intensive sunlight before fading

Days of average sunlight in PA before fading

1 = satisfactory



Up to 20 hours

About 5 days

2 = below average



Up to 40 hours

About 10 days

3 = average

4 - 8 days

2 - 4 weeks

Up to 80 hours

About 20 days

4 = moderately good

2 - 3 weeks

2 - 3 months

Up to 160 hours

About 40 days

5 = good

3 - 5 weeks

4 - 5 months

Up to 350 hours

About 80 days

6 = very good

6 - 8 weeks

5 - 6 months

Up to 700 hours

About 160 days

7 = excel lent

3 - 4 months

7 - 9 months

Up to 1500 hours

About 350 days

8 = superior

over 1.5 years


Up to 3000 hours

About 700 days




Aside from lightfastness, there are three other big factors that affect durability when it comes to flags:



1.      Material


The material that your flag is made out of has a big impact on how long the flag lasts. Common flag materials include cotton, nylon and polyester, with nylon being the most popular choice for outdoor American flags and polyester being the most popular choice for outdoor flags in general. We strive to give our customers an advantage by using polyester to produce our flags. Unlike nylon, polyester won’t fray because the fibers of our polyester flags are knitted together rather than woven.


2.      Weather


While many outdoor flags are made for year-round use, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t keep an eye on the weather when it comes time to hoist up your flag. Adverse weather conditions can include heavy rains and strong winds (anything over a 6 on the Beaufort scale). Any kind of adverse weather can increase the weight of the flag and put strain on the flag itself.  Make sure to always take your flag down in adverse or inclement weather conditions.


3.      Environmental pollution


Air and light pollution are the two biggest environmental pollutants that can affect the lifespan of your flag. Air pollution will make the white areas of your flag to grey out, while UV and light pollution can cause the fabric to fade or otherwise deteriorate.


Because of all the factors involved, it’s generally impossible to completely predict the lifespan of a flag. However, we usually tell our customers that their flags will last 6 months plus or minus 50% -- so anywhere from 3 to 9 months, depending on conditions.


To increase the overall durability of their flags, we recommend that our customers wash and repair their flags after 8-12 weeks. Repairs such as trimming, reinforcing and re-hemming should be done on a standard sewing machine using nylon thread to ensure robustness.