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Bowflag® Stock Design Casino Set

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  • A great way to advertise your casino or gambling business
  • Design visible from either side of the flag
  • Flagpole tip is reinforced
  • Poles come in economy bag for transport or storage
  • Choose pole options and flag base styles through the drop down menu

Print (Stock Design)

Part Number
  • #H_BF08993


  • 2.6' x 11.2'


  • Multiflag® - Knitted polyester fabric with excellent through print and high resistance to tearing

Layout & Finishing

  • Single-reverse - Hemmed sides, left side finished with pole sleeve made of printed flag material with header tape reinforcement, tab sewn at bottom of print


  • This item is ready to ship. Ready to ship means the item has already been printed and finished, and can be picked by our shipping team for immediate fulfillment. Since it is ready to ship, we accept returns for this item.


Part Number
  • Pole Sets
    • Basic - #H_BF00300
    • Plus - #H_BF00301
  • Base Options
    • Ground Sleeve 24" - #H_BF00501
    • Cross Base 24"x24"/3lb - #H_BF00512
    • Weight Bag 2gal/26lb - #H_BF00601

Display Height

  • Basic - 13.5'
  • Plus - 13.0'


Pole Comparison

  • Basic - Aluminum and fiberglass poles withstand 30mph winds, use indoors and outdoors in lower wind speed conditions
  • Plus - Aviation-grade fiberglass poles withstand 63mph winds, use indoors and outdoors in higher wind speed conditions


  • Do not use near overhead wires and allow a 4'-12' radius from base for flag clearance depending on size. User must read and observe assembly instructions. If this is not done correctly it may result in damage to the unit, injury, or death, and all warranties will be void.





        Sketch comparing Basic and Plus pole set display heights


We recommend the following accessories for your product:

Bowflag® Basic S,L,XL & Premium S Carrying Case
Bowflag® Basic S,L,XL & Premium S Carrying Case



1 pc $ 10.08 ea
Bowflag® Plus Carrying Case
Bowflag® Plus Carrying Case



1 pc $ 15.01 ea
Ground Sleeve Plate
Ground Sleeve Plate


  • Base accessory that is used to stabilize your client's in-ground base
  • Constructed of steel and is lightweight at a mere 2.0lb
  • Measures about 2.0" x 32.0" with an almost 6.0" diameter
  • Designed for use outdoors 

1 pc $ 6.49 ea
Sand/Snow Extension
Sand/Snow Extension


  • Keeps base secure when displayed in deep sand or snow
  • Constructed of steel and is lightweight at only 2.0lb
  • Measures approximately 2.0" x 32.0"

1 pc $ 7.81 ea

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