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Walking Billboard - 7.1' Wide, 1 Panel

The Walking Billboard - 7.1’ Wide, 1 Panel is lightweight at 4lb and features a single-reverse custom print.

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The Pop Out Walking Billboard puts a twist on traditional sandwich boards with its lightweight structure and attractive design. This mobile display is constructed of one panel from our Pop Out display and features a neck strap, allowing it to function like a sandwich board. The custom print is finished with header tape around the edge and has a lightweight fiberglass pole frame that measures approximately 7’x3’. To set up this mobile Pop Out display, your client simply unfolds the custom print, slips on the neck strap, and it is ready to go. Because of this quick and easy assembly, the Pop Out Walking Billboard can be folded up and stored into the included almost 3’ diameter carrying case for travel and transport. The Pop Out Walking Billboard is ideal for use both indoors and outdoors to promote a local ice cream shop’s opening day or to draw attendees to a company’s booth at a convention.


  • 7.1' x 3.3'


  • Multisol® D - Heavyweight opaque knitted polyester fabric with brilliant color reproduction

Layout & Finishing

  • Single-reverse - Panel finished with black header tape all around and neck strap made out of black header tape


Part Number
  • #HS_PO_002


  • 7.1' x 3.3'


  • 4.0lb



  • Fiberglass pole
  • Carrying case dia. 3.1'



h board that is lightweight due to the fact that it's made of polyester material

The Pop Out Walking Billboard from Tex Visions is an eye-catching display that can be taken on the go. Its frame is constructed of flexible fiberglass poles and is lightweight at a mere 4lb. This model features one custom panel that is printed on heavyweight opaque knitted polyester and measures almost 7’x3’. It is finished with header tape around the edge and a neck strap sewn to the top of the panel. Setting up this mobile display is a breeze. Because the fiberglass frame is already assembled, all your client has to do is unfold their printed panel and put the strap around their neck. The display’s flexible frame, in addition to its quick and easy assembly, allow it to be folded effortlessly into its about 3’ diameter carrying case for storage during travel. Tex Visions offers the Pop Out Walking Billboard in two sizes as well as one panel and two panel options to ensure that your client’s display suits their specific needs. Add to your client’s mobile advertising with products such as the Backpack Walking Bowflag®, Backpack Walking Flag, or Backpack Walking Billboard.


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Q & A

Good morning Team 3, I have been working through the pricing for both sizes of the walking billboard and I was kinda floor by the cost for ground shipping for both of these products. It's $24 for the 4.8 panel which is 3 lbs and $42 for for the 7.1 panel which is 4 lbs. Can I ask why your shipping and handling fees seem to be so much higher than other printers? Much appreciation in advance. Was this helpful? 0 0
Posted on: April 3, 2017
The reason the shipping costs are more expensive for this product rather than others is because the box it ships in is an awkward size. The product folds up into a circle with a 34" diameter, but is very short in height. So to ship one product, the box dimensions are 36" x 36" x 3". Because that is such an cumbersome box, the shipping carriers charge more to ship this product.

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