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Walking Billboard - 7.1' Wide, 2 Panels

The Walking Billboard - 7.1’ Wide, 2 Panels is a double-sided mobile display that is lightweight at only 6lb.

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The Pop Out Walking Billboard provides advertising on the go without the bulky, unattractive display. It adds straps to our Pop Out display so it can be taken virtually anywhere your client goes. It features a flexible fiberglass pole frame and two custom printed panels that measure almost 7’x3’ each. The use of two printed panels creates a double-sided display so it is visible to traffic coming from both directions. Setting up the Pop Out Walking Billboard is the work of seconds. All your client has to do is unfold the panels and place the straps onto their shoulders. A carrying case with a diameter of about 3’ is included so your client can transport their mobile display easily. Your client’s Pop Out Walking Billboard can be used indoors and outdoors to advertise a going out of business sale or to direct traffic to a holiday parade.


  • (2) 7.1' x 3.3'


  • Multisol® D - Heavyweight opaque knitted polyester fabric with brilliant color reproduction

Layout & Finishing

  • Single-reverse - Each panel finished with black header tape all around and shoulder straps made out of black header tape


Part Number
  • #H_DS00406


  • (2) 7.1' x 3.3'


  • 5.5lb



  • (2) Fiberglass poles
  • Carrying case dia. 3.1'



2 custom designed panels can be worn while handing out business cards or coupons for a new restaurant or store

Tex Visions’ Pop Out Walking Billboard puts a spin on traditional sandwich boards. It features two approximately 7’x3’ custom panels that have a fiberglass pole frame and are printed on heavyweight opaque knitted polyester. This mobile display is lightweight at only about 6lb and comes already assembled to guarantee a quick set up that doesn’t require any tools. Your client just unfolds their custom printed panels and slides the straps onto their shoulders. The flexible nature of the panels allows them to be collapsed easily into the included carrying case, which has a diameter of around 3’. The custom printed panels are finished with header tape around the edge and header tape shoulder straps sewn to the top. The use of two panels creates a double-sided mobile display that gives your client the flexibility of showing either two different images or one image on both panels for more exposure. Tex Visions’ Pop Out Walking Billboard is offered in two sizes with the option of having one or two display panels. Your client can choose from our other mobile advertising products, including the Backpack Walking Bowflag®, Backpack Walking Flag, and Backpack Walking Billboard.


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